New Year 2013 in Europe. New Year bus tours on holidays

New Year 2013 in Europe

New Year 2013 in Europe.

Christmas pictures from European magazines and good films set up a festive mood no less than the film “The Irony of Fate”, which is so familiar to Russians, or the traditional Russian salad. Why time in life does not change the usual course of events, and not to meet the New Year 2013 in Europe?


In order to go to the New Year holidays in one or several European countries at once, it is necessary to issue some documents - a passport, a Schengen visa and insurance. Of course, the tour is better to choose in advance, but if you want to organize the trip yourself, you need to be puzzled not only by buying tickets, but also by booking a hotel. Just learn in advance the list of attractions of the country in which you are going to relax and select the most interesting places to visit.


Across Europe, lush holidays and interesting events are already planned for the year of the black water snake, but do not forget thatthat in most European countries the main winter holiday is the Catholic Christmas, which is celebrated traditionally on December 25.


If you want to visit several countries during the New Year holidays, plan your route in advance, think how it will be easier and more convenient to travel. Just think in advance exactly where you will meet the New Year 2013 in Europe.


All European countries are rich in sights of different types. There are many masterpieces of medieval architecture, valuable objects of art, in many cities even entire historical quarters are well preserved. The most popular among the Russian tourists are: France, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Finland and Austria. But no less interesting in the New Year holidays in the UK or Hungary.


Tours for the new year - the best holiday vacation during the holidays.



All European countries have similar climatic conditions - winters are mild with minimal rainfall, swim in the sea will not work, but it is difficult to freeze on the street. If you want snow and high-quality service, feel free to go to one of the world-famous ski resorts.


Due to the peculiarities of climate, all European countries compare favorably with year-round seaside resorts. Of course, it's also a good idea to celebrate a new year under a palm tree, but why not enjoy the warm sea and the gentle sun on your summer vacation? Whatever one may say for Christmas and the new year, a warm mulled wine or a punch under a festive tree is much more pleasant than lying on the beach. And a lot of new impressions are assured - in many countries there is still a tradition of Christmas carols and processions, in some cities these are real parades and carnivals, masquerade balls are held somewhere, street fairs are almost everywhere, and in the main squares towering chic Christmas trees.


If you want to celebrate New Year 2013 in Europe, and see a few countries, but are afraid to go on your own on such a journey, pay attention to the ready transit tours offered by the agency. Most of them are bus tours or cruises. The plus of this trip is that you are guaranteed to see all the objects indicated in the itinerary, and visit several countries at once, but at the same time free time is limited, and some unpopular attractions may not be included in the program at all.In general, bus tours are a convenient and practical form of travel. Upon arrival in a new city or country, you don’t have to search for a hotel yourself, or a place where you can have a bite, you are already waiting for a tasty lunch and a cozy room, besides there is a guide with the group who is ready to help solve any household problems or tell something interesting about the sights looked around. Reviews of New Year's holiday in Europe are the most positive.

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