Nonverbal signs of sympathy

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In addition to the ability to express our thoughts through speech, we have a non-verbal expression of emotions - this is the language of gestures, attitudes, facial expressions. People are not able to control all non-verbal emotions, because in order to find out the true feelings of a person, you can use the reading of these signs.

What gestures of sympathy are

The main part of the gestures of sympathy is known to all. Representatives of the weaker sex use the same gestures, preening themselves. Yes, and men use the same: straighten clothes, touch the hair, look into the eyes longer than usual.

Girls, as well as the representatives of the stronger sex, use such a gesture: they hide their thumbs. But they do it more gracefully - they hide a finger in a pocket, a handbag.

Nonverbal signs of sympathy

Excitement is a blush on the cheeks, enlarged pupils. But consider the nonverbal signs in more detail.

Search for truth in sight

To find out whether a person sympathizes with you or not, you need to carefully search for the truth in his eyes.The person's eyes will be clear if you really like him.

There are hidden and explicit forms of showing interest. If a person openly demonstrates sympathy, then respect is observed in the eye. The eyes are wide open, and the stronger the sympathy, the more the pupils dilate.

Hidden manifestation of sympathy people enjoy, if they are afraid of disappointment, deception. But, despite the fear, he tries to somehow contact, watch or look at you. Hidden sympathetic glance is different: a person looks at an interesting person with a sneaky in order not to be noticed. If the eyes meet, he immediately looks away. But from the side of this behavior is very noticeable.

The views of representatives of different sexes are very different. Women are more resourceful. They know how to "shoot" with their eyes and play "peepers."

Male Visual Sign Language

To understand the visual sign language of men, to notice interest, it is important to note the direction of the gaze. The one who is interested in you is looking from top to bottom. First, the man notes the overall attractiveness, then lowers his eyes below, holds his gaze on his chest and hips, and after a while looks at them again.

Nonverbal signs of sympathy

If a certain representative of the stronger sex shows sympathy, then this is evident from the frequency of views and an increase in pupils.

Women's Visual Sign Language

But in women, visual sign language is different. The weaker floor peeked. If a woman meets with the eyes of a man he likes, it often looks like a thief who was caught in the act. She hides her eyes and blush.

It is considered correct for women to look at the object of sympathy in secret. But experienced women behave more confidently. They are also embarrassed, but after averting their eyes, they return their eyes again, accompanying him with a smile.

In contrast to the representatives of the stronger sex, ladies inspect a handsome man from the bottom up. This direction has a double meaning. Initially, the girl recruited courage before looking into her eyes. In addition, the meeting of views plays a major role.

Hidden gestures of sympathy

Each of us has a personal set of gestures that are used to attract the attention of the object. Hidden gestures of sympathy are of interest.

As it turned out, the body language of the two sexes is too different.Of course, women's gestures are diverse. At the same time, there are quite a few universal signs that are characteristic of the representatives of two sexes to hide or show emotions.

If a person doubts the reciprocity of feelings, then gestures acquire some caution. In this case, if you specifically or inadvertently touch your secret admirer, he will withdraw his hand. It is easy to explain such behavior: a person hides feelings, avoids contact with you, because afraid to not cope with emotions and give them away.

Body language of a man who is interested in a girl

At the subconscious level, the body language of a man who likes you is expressed as follows. At first, he tries to attract the attention of the girl he likes by simply preening himself. This is an instinct from nature: the guy will begin to correct his hair, level the tie, collar, jacket. This movement at the subconscious level, even when a person hides feelings.

Representatives of the stronger sex often hide their thumbs behind the belt. Even if a man just stands, and his body is turned to a pretty lady, then the toe of the foot is certainly directed in her direction.Often, when talking to pretty women, they put their hands in their pockets, leaving their thumbs outside. This is obvious evidence that your person is interesting to him, and he tries to make a good impression.

Non-verbal gestures of girls

Nonverbal signs of sympathy

If there is a nice man nearby, the non-verbal gestures of the girl consist in correcting the make-up, clothes, touching the curls for no apparent reason. One of the clearest indicators of sympathy is a demonstration of the wrists.

When walking, girls sexually shake their hips, showing their charms. Although at this point you should pay attention when there are other signs. Many of the fairer sex do it unconsciously and just like that, even in the presence of men who are not interested in them.

When an informal meeting with a nice man in an informal gestures become very frank. This also applies to the case when there are a number of "competitors", that is, other ladies. The girl will try to sit down so that you notice her slender legs. Usually, the leg-to-leg posture is used, but the knees are pointing towards the interesting man.

During a conversation, women shake their shoes, holding them on their toes, and when she does fall off, this is a clear sign of flirting.If a girl shows a frank look, along with a “suddenly” sleeping strap, a half-raised shoe, and sits, holding one foot on the other, you can be sure that she is ready to flirt. Explicit sexual appeal - it is ajar and moist lips.

If a man is close to a girl who is interested in, he will notice how she slowly puts her foot on her leg, then changes them in places. It can "accidentally" touch the thighs or chest. The voice acquires a low timbre, becomes muffled.

Gestures of a man in love

It does not matter, the first meeting or date you have, or you have started a relationship, but when an object of adoration appears on the horizon, all men act according to the same scheme. They try to attract the attention of the ladies. To sum up, the gestures of a man in love look like this:

he unknowingly preens. On the automatic machine it is drawn, straightened, straightened, the gait acquires lightness, becomes sporty, and the gaze burns. He adjusts his hair, tie or shirt. For some seconds, he even becomes visually younger;
lays his fingers over the belt.In this action, 100% noticeable sexual expression of interest in a woman, even closer to the animal;
long look. His gaze "stuck" on specific areas longer than usual. If a guy is truly interested, then his pupils are always dilated when they look at you. The direction of gaze - from top to bottom;

Nonverbal signs of sympathy

head tilt. Trying to do his best, the man leans back slightly, lifting his chin;
becomes almost flush and obstructs. The guy comes to the girl, as if blocking her from others. This is a manifestation of the possessive instinct of a man in love;
copying. The young man copies your gestures, position, head movements. He can copy intonation.

Gestures of a woman in love

Now let's see what features have the gestures of a woman in love:

preening again. The most revealing gesture is energetic movements of the head in order to throw the curls over the shoulders. And it does not matter whether they are long or short, these are instinctive movements;
showing wrist. This zone is considered one of the most pronounced erogenous zones;
apart legs. The girl spreads her legs a little wider than ever, when there is no handsome man nearby.It does not matter, whether it is sitting or standing;
wiggle hips. When walking, she shakes her hips stronger than usual, which will emphasize her sexuality;

secret looks. Women look at the representatives of the stronger sex a little by dropping their eyelids on the sly. The gaze at the same time slides from top to bottom. This continues until the man notices. Then the girl will immediately hide his eyes and take them to the side. Such behavior gives a sense of mystery, peeping over the object of adoration. This feeling will "lead" almost any member of the stronger sex;
slightly ajar, moist lips. This gives a woman sexuality, attractiveness, luring men;
stroking cylinder shaped items. These are the usual subconscious manifestations, although they are successfully used by ladies for seduction. Stroking a glass, glass, tube in a cocktail suggests what the woman really wants;
crossing legs. Ladies use several positions for flirting. The first is a bent knee. One leg bends under the other, and the knee is sent to the man. This is a relaxed pose that allows you to show your knees without vulgarity.The second posture - leg on foot, constant change of position. The third one is foot-to-foot again, but flirting with half-removed shoes is added here;
fingering jewelry. Often, in the process of flirting, a woman coquettishly touches her own jewelry: a chain, a bracelet, an earring. If these gestures are accompanied by a gaze directed at a man, then this is evidence of sympathy;
picking ringlets. Many ladies are distinguished by the habit of going through curls for no reason. Seeing this gesture of sympathy is easy. The lady starts bruising her hair just at the moment of communication with a nice man, and not at any time.

Gestures showing lack of interest

But there are non-verbal gestures that demonstrate a lack of interest. One of them is crossed arms across the chest. Such a gesture says that a man does not want to contact you, he is protected, he feels awkward. In addition, crossed legs are also a sign of lack of sympathy.

Nonverbal signs of sympathy

Unwillingness to communicate is expressed in hiding the hands in the pockets, hiding the ears, as well as attracting strangers to the conversation. Thus, the man includes protection, builds a wall, so as not to meet with you.In addition, signals that indicate a lack of interest, are expressed in a dull look, which from time to time a man takes away from you, an elongated face, yawning.

With the help of other objects, he tries to entertain himself: he picks up the objects at hand and twists them, sorts through. This is evidence of apathy.

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