Ornaments for home and garden of ordinary stones

Stones of different shapes can be found literally under your feet. Do not pass by a cobblestone lying near the road, it can become a real decoration for your house or a site. Choose the processing method that seems more appropriate to you, and go!

Compositions made of stones of different shapes and sizes

Gardens of stones have long won the hearts of many gardeners. It is not necessary to adhere to the classical form characteristic of Japanese art. Use glue or special mortar for joining stones. If you are collecting stone sculptures in rainy weather, cover them with large trash bags. So glue dries faster.

If you are just starting to experiment with stones, choose simple shapes that are mostly horizontal. Over time, you will learn how to work with the material and will be able to stand high stable compositions.

If the style of your garden allows, stones can be painted.But remember that it is better not to use ordinary oil paint, which is used for exterior decorating. With them, your sculptures will look old-fashioned. Choose unusual colors and textures.

Raw stone looks great in combination with forged parts. They are made to order. Surely, in your city you can find craftsmen working at a reasonable price.

An alternative to forged parts can be fittings or ready-made flower stands, complemented by stones.

The most unusual materials can be used ...

If you are not ready for large projects yet, practice on small forms.

Sculptures of stones can be painted. Use acrylic paint or waterproof covering pens. You can paint sculptures, or individual stones.

One of the interesting examples of decor - stones with mandalas. Their drawing is a very fascinating meditative process. Just master the main principles.

Choose round flat stones. Acrylic paints are perfect for work. A real mandala should have a dark central part, framed by a rim of natural color.Draw a white core over it, arranging colored circles around it. Here is one example of such a mural.

Another way of painting stones - drawing covering markers. It is more convenient to work with them than with paints. This kind of creativity will suit even novice artists. You can transfer the finished picture to a stone, having printed it on paper, and then just paint it.

Or use any phased drawing scheme, for example this:

While resting on the sea, sign a pebble taken with you. You can even independently make souvenirs for friends.

You can immediately paint the stones with acrylic paint, and then apply fine lines and small details with felt-tip pens.

For durability, cover the stones with acrylic varnish.

Equip an improvised pond in your garden by painting stones with floating fish patterns. Draw the fish on one big or several small stones and place them in a small container with water.

An alternative to real water can be a glossy lacquer coating.

Use the step-by-step drawing scheme to create a realistic Japanese-style image.

You can take a finished image, transfer it to a stone and color it.

Choose a painting or sculpture to your liking. Stones are an excellent material for creativity.

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