How to choose a wardrobe

How to choose a wardrobe? The main difference of cabinet furniture, which is made to order, is the chance to independently participate in its design, selecting the color, accessories, and construction. You decide what length, height, width of the wardrobe, what number of shelves.

Chiffon flower brooch

Chiffon flower brooch Flower brooch is a very interesting and feminine decoration. Its production will take about an hour and a half. The cost price of the brooch is not large, but it looks even better than the purchased jewelry. The flower will perfectly.

Wedding Envelope Card

Wedding card-envelope Each person faces certain difficulties when he starts picking up gifts for his family and friends. Whatever the congratulatory event, you need to think everything over to the smallest detail. It can be a birthday, an anniversary, a professional holiday, and a.

A lamp, a vase and 5 more items from old slippers

A lamp, a vase and 5 more items from old slippers! There are people who indifferently pass by works of art, not noticing beauty, while others even at the sight of rubbish have fantasies and plans to make such wonderful and beautiful things that.

How to attract happiness

How to attract happiness In the bustle of everyday life, we have completely forgotten how to slow down. So, to directly inhale with a full breast, put off gadgets and exhale. Time-troubled and a daily diary full of affairs hurry with us from Monday.

Biology for Children

Biology for children The life cycle of a pumpkin for children. Biology for children is a fascinating and accessible academic discipline, if studied on real examples. In this case, the lessons must necessarily be the nature of the game, the practical part is built.

We make warm floors

We make warm floors The issue of warm floors always arises when the main heating system cannot cope with the heating of the room. You have insulated the balcony, have attached a premise for the bathroom to the main building, insulated the veranda or.

Charlotte Recipe

Charlotte Recipe To prepare the charlottes we need: Flour - 150 g. Sugar - 150 g. Apples - 3 pieces Eggs - 4 pieces Butter. Let's cook! Wash the apples, peel and cut into small slices, the core must be cut. Sliced ​​apples pour.

Wire Organizer

Wire Organizer Manufacturing I roughly counted how many wires would pass and took the number of holes and slots in stock. First of all, cut the pipe to the desired size. We saw off an even edge. We clean the burrs and irregularities with.

Motorenvagen 1

Motorenvagen №1 Mottoenvagen No. 1 ... The ways to improve the Mercedes-Benz g-klasse SUVs in Russia are well-known: blue flashing lights and stroboscopes, huge rims with electrical tape for high-speed tires and armor protection class B4, which can withstand a 44-gauge magnum. in Germany.

How to get to know guys

How to get to know guys How to get to know guys? In any case, we must somehow get acquainted! If the first step except you do no one - then make it. In addition, meeting new people is interesting. And remember - men.

How to choose a broker

How to choose a broker How to choose a broker? When choosing a broker, you need to consider what maximum amount you can borrow when you use your margin account to buy new shares for margin. This initial margin requirement allows you to borrow.

Air Hydraulic Rocket

Air-hydraulic rocket The main node in the rocket will be the valve, it will be responsible for the effectiveness of our entire rocket. By means of it, air is forced and retained in the bottle. We take a punctured or a working chamber from.

Chocolate Roll Cakes

Chocolate Roll Cakes Chocolate cake-rolls- a recipe. Ingredients: for the test: egg 3 pieces; flour 2 tbsp. l.; cocoa 2 tbsp. l.; baking powder 0.5 tsp.; powdered sugar 2 tbsp. l. for the filling: cream cheese 200 gr; butter 100 gr; powdered sugar 2.

American bow

American bow Making such a decoration for a little fashionista is pure pleasure! The American bow always looks very magnificent and elegant. It has a bunch of intricate curls. The bow is made from multi-colored rep or satin ribbons. Although the American bow looks.

Gas welding

Gas welding Jewelry gas welding apparatus on ordinary water. Hydrogen, when mixed with air, forms an explosive mixture - the so-called detonating gas. The burning temperature of hydrogen is 2800 degrees. Celsius It is on these facts that this gas welding is collected. The.

Chocolate Biscuits

Chocolate Biscuits Chocolate Biscuitsis a recipe. Ingredients: 300 grams of flour; 2 tsp. baking powder; 1 tsp. soda; 1/2 tsp. salt; 2 tbsp. l. sugar; 75 grams of cold chopped butter 150 ml of cold milk; dark chocolate (60%); 1 egg (beat for lubrication).

Refinement Charger

Refinement Charger Sometime in childhood for the father he assembled a primitive pulsed charger with a capacitor decoupling in the primary transformer circuit (4 microfarads x 400 in). It was called pulsed because the charge was carried out by a modified semi-sinusoid, while at.

Torn jeans

Ragged jeans Ripped jeans in trend for the first year in a row. Probably many on the far shelves in the closet there are old jeans. If you work hard on them, you can make a fashionable thing with your own hands. For work.

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