Painting the box using colored soil

Creating a piece of furniture is usually associated with a decorator, long production time and special skills. But often for this there is no need for complex and numerous tools or art education. It is possible to perform a simple and nice looking decor yourself, without resorting to the services of professionals. We will not complicate anything and paint a small box in quiet tones with the help of colored soil made by own hands.
 Painting a Box
We will need: - blank for a box of solid wood or plywood. - fine sandpaper, - cloth gloves (desirable, but not mandatory), - soil, - brush, - male A small office clerk, - white acrylic paint, - the main acrylic paint, we take a bright green, - a plate for the ground and paints, - acrylic glossy varnish.
We will need
Production procedure Take the workpiece of the box and process it with fine sandpaper.
 process with emery paper
For convenience and hand protection when grinding, you can use materials e gloves. We ground the outer surface of the casket with acrylic primer and sand it with sandpaper.
 grind with emery paper
Mixing the soil with a small amount of white and green paint to produce pastel light green shade, priming and polishing the casket.
 ground and grind the casket
We guide the mixture of soil and white oh paint and a mixture of soil, white and green paint. Mixing of soil and paint to make the product not only color, but also texture, is a feature of the manufacture. And in the future gives the opportunity to grind the box to give it a smoothness without changing the quality of the decor.Pleasant convex lines will remain undeformed and painted after sanding. We lay out on a plate thin parallel strips or small pools: - the ground mixed with white paint - a mixture of soil, white and green paint - green paint
We put it on a plate
We put on a brush a drop of each of the previous mixtures so that the pile of the brush is as if transversely striped. Put a brush perpendicular to the surface and draw 2/3 of a circle.
 Put a brush
We always draw circles of the same type, for example, counterclockwise. We are moving only in one direction, for example, from left to right.
 Put the brush
The casket should be closed so that the drawing was shared and smoothly flowed from one part of the casket to another. Depending on the desired diameter of the circles, select the brush of the desired size.
 Painting Boxes
It is surprisingly simple to make such a decor.For beginners in needlework, it’s enough a couple of times to try to draw with colors a circle in this technique on a sheet of paper. If there are nodules of soil on the edges of the box, carefully remove them with a clerical knife, then grind.
 Painting the Box
We take a glossy acrylic varnish for artwork and decoupage, a synthetic brush and a blank .
 Painting the casket
Applying varnish several times, before applying the next layer, we wait for the full drying of the previous one. Varnish will make the paint bright and spectacular. It turned out air spring box.
 Painting the casket
As an example, green is chosen for the color-forming paint, but the primary color can be any. Here are a few examples: blue or cyan will remind you of snow and winter, yellow is a sunny day, orange is orange candies and so on. Try, choose your color, because fantasy is limitless and gives us an endless world of colors and shades.

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