Patchwork: advice to those who want to, but is afraid to start ...

When it rains outside the window, it's time to do needlework - quilting. Today, we have prepared for you tips blogger Sherry McConnell and several training videos. What you need to stop being afraid and start sewing.

Choose patterns from large parts.

You will collect a thing from big rags much quicker, than from hundreds small. In addition, you will have to make fewer seams, which will reduce the likelihood of an error. And besides, more details and long seams are easier to forgive small flaws.

Start with squares or rectangles

It is necessary to take a sortie into the world of triangular elements - and you will find there stretching, shifting edges that cannot be neatly joined. So for your first job, select the simplest shapes — squares and rectangles. They are easiest to sew together.

Collect things from the finished parts

On sale there are sets of pre-cut fabrics of various shapes and sizes.Choose a pattern that can be folded out of such details, and you will save yourself hours of preparation. In addition, ideally sliced ​​blanks are easier to combine, and if you do make small mistakes, they will not overlap with the imperfection of the details and will not be so noticeable.

Go to the master class

Even one master class or course for beginners will teach you the basic principles of patchwork and help you enjoy a new hobby, and not to make banal mistakes over and over again. If there is no opportunity to go to a real lesson, look for courses online, such too.

Well, for those who do not want or do not yet have the opportunity to spend time and energy on paid lessons, we have collected several videos from YouTube, which will introduce you to the basics of patchwork.

Video from the channel, which leads a large Australian company producing goods for quilting SewEasy. About what tools and how to cut the fabric into stripes and squares.

A large and detailed lesson on sewing blankets from square parts from the Professor Pincushion channel. Ideal for beginners who like to plunge into the real work.

The project is even simpler than wearing squares, and the authors are credible: the channel is the largest American magazine for quilting.

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