"The Person of the Year" Time were women who told about sexual abuse

Ashley Judd was the first to publicly talk about Harvey Weinstein’s harassment. Taylor Swift won the court against the DJ, who grabbed her by the fifth point. Susan Fowler, who has accused of sexual harassment against the head of the company Uber .... And pay attention to the hand in a velvet jacket in the corner of the cover. No, it was not accidentally “cut off” anyone - in this way, the editors made reference to other women (and there are thousands or even hundreds of thousands) who still did not dare to tell anyone about what happened to them.

Publication from TIME (@time)Dec 6 2017 at 4:35 PST

Also this year, our President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump, DPRK President Kim Jong-un, PRC Chairman Xi Jinping, screenwriter Patti Jenkins, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, NFL player Colin Kapernik, and the Dreamers organization past the director of the FBI, and now the US Attorney Robert Muller.

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