Playboy Cumberbatch and another 9 new 2018 TV series

Fans of Sherlock-Cumberbatch are jubilant: the date of the premiere of the new series with the participation of the English actor is finally determined - 12 May. tells what kind of picture it is, and also advises to watch other foreign TV shows of 2018.

"Patrick Melrose"

Patrick Melrose, Benedict Cumberbatch
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�12 May.

The story about the charming playboy-aristocrat with a huge pile of problems. He is having fun, drinking, having fun with women, but ... this is just a cover to erase the memories of his past. In his life, everything was not so simple. An unhappy childhood, family problems, a despotic father with sadistic methods of upbringing and a mother who did not pass it on to her father. The well-groomed-looking boy from a wealthy family was incredibly intimidated, which influenced his entire future life. Now he is successful for others, but few know what lies behind his calm. Patrick became a cynic and an egoist in opposition to what his father wanted him to be - a successor upon whom great hopes were pinned.

The series is based on the novels of Evard St. Aubin.Five episodes are five books telling about the life of Melrose from the 1960s to the 2000s. Starring -Benedict Cumberbatch.


Mosaic, Sharon Stone
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�January 22.


Initially, �Mosaic� was conceived by Steven Soderberg as an interactive application for smartphones (only for America), in which anyone could play detective and conduct their own investigation: choose a hero, examine documents, go back to any point of the story, etc. Nevertheless, the studio convinced the director that it is necessary to create a television version. So there was a mini-series (6 episodes).

The main character (and the victim - we will know about it almost immediately) - children's writer Olivia Lake (Sharon stone). She now runs the Mosaic Charitable Foundation, which is developing children's creative abilities. On New Year's Eve, she is found dead in a hotel room. Suspicion immediately falls on a young man, a good artist, whom an elderly writer has warmed in her house, wanting to help him with his career as an illustrator. But there was another man in her life. He has long had views of the land that belonged to Olivia.Using all the legal ways to get the estate, but having been refused, he goes all in - makes Lake a marriage proposal ...


Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�January 21.


New series, continuing medical topics. A young intern doctor Devon Pravesh comes to work at the hospital. He has almost no experience, and his views on life are more idealistic than realistic. Therefore, all that he sees at first in the hospital leads him to confusion. And then Konrad Hawkins, intern (Matt Zukri) - a cynic and a wit, who does not recognize the authorities, while a brilliant specialist. The main thing for him is to save the life of the patient, but ... at any cost and not always in an honest way.


Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�January 22.


The series was created on the basis of the first book by Caleb Carr about the criminal psychologist Laszlo Kraisler. In the poor quarters of New York in the 19th century, a series of murders of boys took place, representing some kind of bloody rituals. The police can not solve these crimes, and not really trying. Unlike the alienis psychiatrist Laszlo Kreizler (Daniel Bruhl).Teaming up with his friend, newspaper illustrator John Moore (Luke Evans), and the first woman who was hired by the police Sarah Howard (Dacto fanning), he actively takes on the case, studying first of all a psychological portrait of a maniac.

Note that the hand to the creation of the series put Cary Fukunaga ("Jane Eyre" with Mia Vasikovskaya and Michael Fassbender, "This Detective").

"Modified carbon"

Modified carbon
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�February 2.


The screen version of the science fiction novel by Richard K. Morgan. Earth in the distant future - XXVII century. All the same rich and poor, wars, relationship problems, but significantly changed technologies and ... the ability to not be afraid of death. Because consciousness can now be stored in a digital format and implanted in any new body. That is how many years later the body of the mercenary Takeshi Kovac (Yuel Kinnaman) to investigate the murder (or suicide) of rich man Lawrence Bancroft (James Purefoy).

In addition to the detective story there is, of course, a love line. The series is very entertaining and quite fascinating.

"American crime history: the murder of Gianni Versace"

American crime history: the murder of Gianni Versace
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�January 17.


Screen version of the sensational murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace on July 15, 1997 on the steps of his own house in Miami Beach. But the main character in the series is not Versace (Edgar Ramirez), and his killer is the 27-year-old maniac Andrew Kyunenen (Darren chris). Versace was for him the sixth and last victim - he shot himself when the police surrounded him. Each series of nine, as it were, winds back time, from the murder of a fashion designer to the beginning of the mental insanity of Kyunenen. But this does not mean at all that we will not see behind the scenes of high fashion. In the role of Donatella's sister, who now runs the Versace fashion house, she starredPenelope Cruz, and as a friend of Versace -Ricky Martin.

"Good girls"

Good girls
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�February 26th


Tragicomedy. The story of three friends who live with their children in a disadvantaged area of the city. They constantly lack money, but they are needed for important family matters. For example, on the treatment of a serious illness in a child. And moms decide to rob a local supermarket. But as usual, something went wrong, and now on the tail of the hapless robbers sitting criminal authority.Trying to improve their lives, women get bogged down more and more. In each episode, an incredible turn occurs with them, and you think: �That's all, nothing more can happen to them, much more!� But no, the ideas of the scriptwriters are inexhaustible. It must be said that one of them was Jenna Banks (�Desperate Housewives�, �Anatomy of Passion�).


Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�January 3

IMDb rating:6,0.

It is also a story about three friends, but already created by the British with their special sense of humor. Linda, Gale and Sue (Phyllis Logan, Zoe Wanamaker, Miranda Richardson) - friends from childhood, now they are approaching retirement age, but this does not reduce the number of problems in their lives. Linda loses her husband during the anniversary of the wedding on a cruise. He loses in the literal sense of the word - Miki went to the cabin for his glasses and disappeared, leaving only the open door to the balcony and the chair standing nearby. But if it is suicide, then she will not get insurance, which means she will have nothing to pay the mortgage. Gale is tormented by her son slobber. And Sue is on the verge of being fired. Moreover, she is fired by her man, with whom she created a business, lived together and has a son in common.

"The Ballad of Buster Scruggs"

Coen Brothers


Western from the Cohen brothers (they and the script, and direction), the name and reputation of which says "You have to watch." Even despite the fact that this is their first test for television (the Fargo series does not count, they practically did not take part in it). The action "Ballad" takes place in small towns of the Wild West. Each episode tells one separate story. The first will be dedicated to the title character proper (and further narrator) Buster Scruggs, the singing cowboy played by Tim Blake Nelson.

Total mini-series consists of 6 stories. Participation in the project took James Franco, Liam Neeson, Zoe Kazan, Brendan Gleason.

Castle Rock

Castle rock
Photo: a frame from the series

Exit:�summer of 2018

Castle Rock is a fictional town in the works of Stephen King. The episode of the same name is an attempt to create a kind of anthology of the most famous novels and novels of the writer (�The Dead Zone�, �Cujo�, �It�, �Escape from the Shawshank�, etc.). The main character of the series is a lawyer (Andre Holland), which on official business is sent to the small town of Castle Rock. This is where his secrets and surprises await. The details of the plot are kept secret, but the factthat the producer of the series was JJ Abrams (�Lost�, �The World of the Wild West�, �11.22.63�), and Stephen King himself worked on the script, allowing him to count on success. The latter, by the way, warned fans on twitter at the beginning of this year that �it will be scary�. The roles involved Melanie Linsky, Scott Glenn, Terry O`Quinn, Sissy Spacek, Bill Skarsgard.

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