Playboy star showed how she looked before operations

24-year-old Australian beauty Sarah Harris hated herself.

The girl said that nature did not endow her with a model figure. However, the world of gloss could impose implicit standards. Sarah tried by any means to become the same as a slim model. After a while, the girl could not stand it and admitted that she had suffered from the merciless modeling industry.

When Harris was actively working, she sat on strict diets: “I constantly skipped meals, did not eat carbohydrates. If you ate junk food, then ran to get rid of it. It even got to the point that the body could not stand it and fell ill. ”

After she met her boyfriend Josh, the girl changed her attitude towards food. She ceased to go on hunger strike. The man helped his beloved to return to normal life and to believe that she would be desired in any body.

After a while, fans noticed that the star was beginning to gain weight, and the envious still didn’t leave her Instagram alone and wrote “fat”. In this case, the girl is not shy to upload photos with her new figure.She openly says that she feels much happier now than before. All the problems, she said, in my head.

Photo: @iamsarahharris

Also a few years ago, Harris experienced a real tragedy. She decided to enlarge her breasts, while making the bust look natural. The surgeon did not regret the silicone and awarded Sarah the fifth size. However, the star didn’t even have a thought that a seemingly simple operation could turn into a real tragedy. Huge breasts began to give the girl inconvenience. She wanted to return to the third size as soon as possible. By the way, the model never thought about mammoplasty. She inserted the hated implants, because the weight was constantly jumping: she lost weight, then she gained weight again. Due to such instability, the skin lost its elasticity, which greatly upset the girl. Then pain began to bother her, and doctors discovered a tumor. Then I had to do an emergency operation, otherwise the tumor would have turned into a malignant one. On Sarah’s slender body, the bust looked disproportionate and asymmetrical. The girl almost every day wrote in her microblog that the breast had ruined her whole life.After all, numerous modeling agencies abandoned her services. But the star did not give up and yet again trusted the surgeons who made the chest of her dreams.

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