Poems for February 23 boys in kindergarten and school. Funny funny short congratulations in verse from February 23 for boys from girls


The most beautiful, optimistic congratulations and vigorous, perky poems for February 23 should be devoted to boys by girls. You can memorize the lines by heart, and then read them aloud with an expression during a class hour or a solemn matinee. The second option is to write short funny rhymed couplets on postcards and hand each boy along with warm, kind wishes and a small gift. To make the pleasant lines more individual, you should pick up funny, funny poems, in which the name of the boy you want to please is mentioned.Such a surprise will be very much enjoyed by the young defenders of the Fatherland and will make each of them feel special on a holiday.

Funny short poems on February 23 boys from girls in kindergarten

For the matinee on the Day of Defender of the Fatherland in kindergarten to be a success, it is necessary to include in it the cheerful, vigorous and funny short poems dedicated to February 23. Very good option - if the funny lines for the boys during the presentation will be read by girls. To enhance the effect, the room can be supplemented with a small costume setting or a dynamic dance. This will give the performance an element of the show and allow the boys plenty of fun while listening to cool poetic greetings from their girlfriends in the group. This format of the festive presentation will also appeal to parents invited to the event. They sincerely rejoice at the artistic talents of young female artists and will appreciate the work of educators, who from the earliest years instil in children a respectful and touching attitude to significant public holidays.



You boys are naughty,
Very cheeky, crazy.
But you always have us
Protect, friends.
You can rely on,
Though love to frolic.
Congratulate you heartily
We gathered today.
From February 23
Our boys, hooray!


This Day of Defenders
Boys cheers!
We wish them good luck
Joy, good!

Be very strong -
And the soul and body.
Remember that the main thing -
Not words, but deed!


Congratulations, boys.
Everyone, I know, daredevil.
On a man's day, I wish peace,
To forget about the fist.

I wish you my strength
Intellect to exercise
It will always give the opportunity
In life difficult to win.

Funny, funny poems for boys with names on February 23 from girls


In order for the poetic greeting on February 23 to be more personal, it is necessary to mention in it the name of the boy. It will be pleasant to each lad to hear from the girl on the day of the holiday not common, universal words, but a funny, funny individual greeting in verses with his name, supplemented with pleasant, sincere and kind wishes.

If the thought of reading a poetic work out loud is somewhat embarrassing, you can write rhymed lines on a bright, colorful postcard and personally hand in to a friend on Defender of the Fatherland Day.This sign of attention will make the most favorable impression and make the boy feel special, because a funny, funny congratulation is addressed to him personally and there is no doubt about it, since his name is clearly indicated in the verses.


Cyril, with the men's day you!
Let the luck in the house,
So that your love is found,
To become stronger and richer,

That smile is always on the lips,
Like a bright sun, played,
To make it all work
That there were a lot of victories in life!


Your name means “unscathed” and “healthy.”
You are lucky with the name, but what's wrong with that?
I am pleased to congratulate you on the holiday of men:
Dear Artem, be happy and always invincible.

And I want health and good luck.
This is important for success, well, you do not know?
Let the sun shine brightly, the clouds will not be visible,
Accept verses as a gift, all defenders are needed!


The sun does not shine brightly
Lilac does not bloom,
But all men congratulate
On this important day,
And I hasten to congratulate you,
My friend, Vadim,
So I'll tell you what to dissemble:
Be unbeatable.
Let the bad weather recede,
And trouble will go,
23rd comes,
Always be happy!

Congratulations in verse for boys from February 23 in elementary school


On the occasion of Defender of the Fatherland Day, elementary schools always hold matinees and various festive events, and for the boys they always prepare beautiful and loud congratulations on verses on February 23. Vigorous, optimistic lines during the matinee with an expression read from the scene girl-classmates. Pleasant congratulatory quatrains are written on postcards with thematic pictures and on the day of the holiday they are handed over to all the boys at a ceremonial hour or matinee.
They fill the wall newspapers with poetry greetings, decorate them with interesting photos and funny drawings, and then hang them on the walls of classes or the school assembly hall where the performance is held. Such an elegant, bright and spectacular decor, made by the students themselves, enhances the festive mood and creates a warm, optimistic and joyful atmosphere around.


You are future warriors,
The defenders of the country,
You from February 23
We want to congratulate us.

It's early yet, boys,
Still you get up in line.
First you need to grow
To become a soldier.

We want to wish a holiday
Successes you big,
May the Motherland wait for all
Defenders of their own.


If in a school bag,
Lots of thick books
Ask to carry her
You can boys.

Sometimes they of course
To give in to us is forgotten ...
Girls should remember -
Their boys are guarding!

Let them be found in small details
We help reasons.
Since February 23,
Dear men!


Since February 23,
Lovely boys,
You are talking about feats for good reason
Everyone read books,

Became bold and us
Protect you in strength
When necessary, every time
Pylko and beautiful!

Be strong seriously
And not for fun,
We wish you the stars from the sky
A whole basket!

Beautiful holiday poems on February 23 for boys from girls 3-4 grade


Girls in grade 3-4 already consider themselves old enough to choose interesting holiday verses on February 23 for boys they study together. For the official part of the solemn day, as a rule, they prepare beautiful, touching and optimistic works, and then read them by heart to the whole class. In bright, resonant lines they express admiration for the courage and courage of the defenders of the Motherland and express the hope that boy friends will become as fearless brave in the future.

For personal congratulations use short funny quatrains with a fun sense, allowing not only to enjoy the holiday, but also giving the chance to smile once again and look at the celebration from a humorous side.
For close boyfriends-boys, poems with names are dedicated, so that the children better feel the sincere attention and good attitude of their girlfriends on a wonderful, kind and very patriotic holiday.


The boys are our dear,
Congratulations on this day!
For your great deeds
We thank mothers.

What raised you so honestly
That they taught us to appreciate everything,
What you always have always said
What a man should be.

We wish you all good health,
Successes you, big victories.
And let the happy moments
You will be protected from many troubles!


Guys, on a day so brave,
Believe me, he's very important to everyone.
We wish you kindness,
In the hearts of good and beauty.

To make you worthy grow,
And your soul to bloom
Good, love, mood,
And all in life you have luck.


Today is a holiday for the guys
Their dads and grandfathers, soldiers.
Congratulations to our boys,
We always want to be brave.

Do not be afraid of obstacles
Let the forces not leave you,
May all dreams come true.

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