Polymer floors from Masterfiber

Polymeric self-leveling floors are ideal for such premises as offices, industrial facilities, parking lots, shopping centers, dance floors, warehouses and others. Polymer floors have a number of advantages over other coatings. They are characterized by high durability and long service life, have an attractive appearance, withstand vibration, abrasion and mechanical loads, have a high environmental friendliness and hygiene.

Full compliance with the physical qualities of the technical characteristics of the floors is possible if the device of polymer floors will be performed in full compliance with the rules of their installation. It is necessary to take into account everything: the preparatory stage of work, and the direct application of the polymer coating itself. The following requirements are imposed on the substrate on which the polymer layer will be applied:

  • humidity, which should not exceed 4%,
  • compliance of the strength characteristics of the base in compression and tension,
  • the base must be smooth and free from oil, fat and organic impurities,
  • the difference on 2 meters in length should not be more than 3 mm,
  • the temperature of the base should not exceed 10 degrees,
  • the presence of a waterproofing layer
  • mandatory implementation of all expansion joints.

Only compliance with these requirements to the base will provide an opportunity to technically carry out work on the device of polymeric floors.

Factory "Masterfibre" - the leader in the production of polymer flooring. The company is engaged in installation and operation of polymeric floors. Employees of the company have extensive experience in the production of polymer coatings, will fulfill the order efficiently and quickly.

The company offers the service of free calculation of the cost of polymer coating, as well as a 2% discount when filling out an application on the company's website. The cost calculation can be made by going to the tab “calculator” on the site of the company Masterfibre.

The company offers the best prices for the whole range of works. Thus, the device 1m2 polymer floor will cost the customer 400 rubles, provided that the floor area exceeds 100 squares.

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