Popular procedures with collagen for hair

Healthy, shiny curls - the decoration of any woman. But due to various reasons - improper care, diseases, active use of styling products, the aggressive effects of temperature, hair can lose its attractive appearance. But it turns out that even age is the cause of the loss of collagen - a substance that is responsible for the smoothness and strength of the hair. In this case, recovery is required. Salons offer a huge number of services that will help return the curls to their original appearance.

The magic properties of collagen

Let's first understand what this protein is so useful:

  1. Due to the special structure of the molecules included in its composition, it gives the opportunity to retain moisture.
  2. Makes curls more strong, dense, shiny.
  3. Reduces electrification.
  4. Improves the condition of damaged hair and split ends.
  5. Promotes volume increase.

For cosmetics, both animal and plant collagen can be used.The latter, according to experts, is better absorbed and acts more efficiently.

As a result of the use of such care lines, a thin protective film is formed on the hair, which makes exposure to external factors (UV rays, wind, frost, etc.) less harmful.

But even if you are a happy owner of chic hair, these tools will not be superfluous and can be used for preventive purposes.

Application options

How can this unique protein be used for hair care?

Collagening. This service is often offered in showrooms. It is similar in its essence with lamination. That is, in the process, the curls are treated with a special liquid concentrated solution, which, penetrating deep inside, contributes to the gluing of hair scales, making the curls more durable, obedient and shiny. In addition, thanks to the protective film that the tool creates, the hair will be reliably protected from all the adverse effects of the environment.

To achieve the perfect effect, you will need to carry out this procedure once every 2-3 months.

Wrapping. Another beauty procedure is gaining popularity.It consists of three stages:

  • The head is washed with a special shampoo, which includes zinc (it helps to remove excess fat from the hair and scalp, thereby improving the subsequent effect).
  • A collagen mask is applied, a disposable cap is put on the head, and a towel is wound. During 10 minutes, the hair is heated with hot water, which creates the effect of a water bath.
  • The mask is washed off and hot styling takes place.

Cosmetical tools.For those who prefer to conduct such sessions at home, there is a huge choice of products, which include collagen. But it is worth paying attention to one important detail. Shampoos based on it - no more than a successful marketing ploy. After all, their task is to make the hair clean, and the time of action is minimal, which means that the effect is likely to be absent. In this case, it is worth choosing balms or masks. Also, in pharmacies and cosmetics stores, you can purchase collagen in ampoules and add it to your usual care products.

Homemade recipes.You can perform the recovery procedure at home. This will require the usual food gelatin, because it is he who is a collagen protein.

You need to dissolve a pack of gelatin in water and let it swell for about 30 minutes.After that, heat (do not boil!), Add a little honey and one yolk. Stir and evenly mix on hair. The duration of the session is 1 hour. After the time the mask should be washed off with plenty of water.

You can dream of chic locks, and you can start acting now, and the result will not keep you waiting.

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