Postcard for a guy

This postcard is very original and simple in execution. It will be made of paper and fabric, and due to its extraordinary execution it will repeat the image of Superman. In order to create a postcard we need:
  • thick cardboard for the base (in this case 30 cm by 20 cm);
  • thin paper;
  • loose cardboard for the middle (19 cm by 15 cm);
  • white fabric;
  • scissors;
  • glue;
  • brushes;
  • paints;
  • three buttons;
  • white threads;
  • needle.
 A postcard for a guy
To start we take cardboard, which will serve as a base, and bend it in half.
 Postcard for a guy
In the center we draw with a pencil the Superman's logo.
Postcard for a guy
Applying paint on a future postcard. Do not worry if the blue color is not exactly flat, for us it is more important to draw a clear logo.All other parts will eventually be hidden under the fabric.
 A postcard for a guy
Cut out the curved strips of fabric, on which buttons will be placed later.
Postcard for guy
Stitch stripes on the sides. The easiest way would be to type them on a typewriter, but if you don’t have such an opportunity, you can also flash it manually. Stitched fabric pieces are applied to the logo. We look at what hole we need to leave in order to see the letter. Stitch together pieces of cloth in the places numbered 1 and 2 indicated in the photo.
Postcard for a guy
Then cut a piece of fabric, taking into account the wrong side of the postcard. We apply to the cardboard, so as not to be mistaken with the size. Sew the edges of the cut-out fabric in places that are marked in the photo with black stripes.
Postcard for a guy
In the same way, we sew the second part of the fabric.
Postcard for a guy
Cut out triangular pieces of fabric for the collar.We sheathe them on the sides and sew to the base.
 Postcard for a guy
With glue on the inside of the postcard. First you need to glue the fabric, then the entire area of ​​a sheet of paper, and already at the end on one and the other side of the blank cardboard.
 Postcard for a guy
Here such an interesting postcard we got. Inside, you can draw some kind of cute drawing or write a greeting.
 A postcard for a guy
Postcard for a guy

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