Pregnant Alanis Morissette shot nude

It sounds frankly and shocking, but it looks - cute and incredibly beautiful.

Grammy winner, 42-year-old Alanis Morissette is about to become a mother a second time. And when else, if not now, take such amazing pictures and publish them in your Instagram!

Photo posted by Alanis Morissette (@alanis)Jun 28 2016 at 6:38 pdt

Recall that the Canadian singer and her husband, a 36-year-old hip-hop artist Mario Treadway (stage name Souleye) already have a son, Ever, is five years old.

By the way, Alanis reported on her second pregnancy in an unusual way. In social networks, she published a video clip entitled �Souleye + Ever + me + love = sweetness� (�Souleye + Ever + me + love = sweet�). The video ends at a touching moment when the whole family sees on the ultrasound a future baby.

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