Prevention of influenza 2016-2017, acute respiratory viral infections, colds and viral infections in children and adults. How to protect yourself from the epidemic of pregnant women and nursing mothers

PG-001According to epidemiologists, in the coming year the incidence of seasonal influenza, ARVI, aggressive viral infections and other modifications of colds will not exceed the average statistical norms. However, this does not mean that people can forget about caution and completely relax. Rather, on the contrary, adults and children should focus on the prevention of influenza 2016-2017 and take active reinforcement of immunity.

The simplest, but very effective preventive measures, include vaccination.It should be carried out at least one month before the start of the expected flu epidemic. Then the immune system will have time to prepare for the virus attack and will not allow parasites to penetrate the body.


Those who for personal reasons do not have the opportunity to provaktsinirovatsya, you need to contact a profile doctor and get him a list of pills and medicines that will help create a reliable barrier in the body for the penetration of bacteria and protect against the flu.

Flu prevention - effective drugs and pills for viral infections

To prevent influenza and seasonal infections, doctors recommend taking modern medications and pills aimed at effective control of viruses and strengthening the human immune system. The most effective and relevant anti-influenza drugs are:

  • Arbidol- a powerful antiviral drug with an active immune-stimulating and antioxidant effect. It is used to prevent flu before and during seasonal epidemics. At the cellular level, protects the body from the penetration and spread of carriers of the disease.Makes a person immune to the bulk of infections, viruses and pathogens. Doctors prescribe medication in the primary stage of acute respiratory illnesses, as it quickly neutralizes the main symptoms and reduces the risk of complications from the flu to almost zero and does not allow for the development of a bacterial infection.
  • Rimantadine- an excellent barrier drug, suitable for adults and children over 7 years old. They drink it in the first 2-3 days of the onset of the flu. The dosage for each individually specifies the attending physician. Calculations are made on the basis of the patient’s body weight. As a preventive drug, it is indicated for those who are in direct contact with patients with the flu or who work in the service sector and catering establishments. However, when taking it should be remembered that the drug has a negative effect on the liver.
  • Immunal- effective prophylactic and therapeutic agent of plant origin. Contains in the composition of the useful natural juice of the plant orebeckia, chicoryenic acid and its esters, hydrophilic polysaccharides and alkylamides.The action of the drug stimulates the activation of bone marrow hematopoiesis, reduces the duration of the disease by 1-1.5 days and more than 3 times reduces the risk of severe post-morbid complications. It is well tolerated by man and does not cause any side effects.
  • Ingavirin- a strong preventive and therapeutic agent with antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunostimulating effects. Suppresses the replication of pathogenic viruses and blocks their integration into the nucleus. Due to this, the reproduction of influenza pathogens is stopped and the cells become invulnerable to viral exposure. Very quickly penetrates into the deep layers of the body and only half an hour after taking the capsule reaches the maximum concentration in the blood. The medicine is completely eliminated from the body within 1 day.
  • Tamiflu- affects viral cells and slows their growth, thus speeding up the patient's healing process. It fights against all the most common strains of influenza A, including swine flu and Hong Kong flu. It is accepted for preliminary prophylaxis and treatment when the first symptoms of the disease appear. Suitable for all patients, except pregnant and breastfeeding.

Prophylaxis of ARVI - medicines and curing activities for adults and children


To strengthen the immunity and prevent ARVI, flu and the most common seasonal colds, anti-inflammatory drugs are used to create a kind of barrier in the body that does not give the influenza virus and ARVI to enter cells and cause illness.

  • Amiksin- works on the basis of an active substance called tilorone. Quickly suppresses many types of influenza and ARVI viruses and prevents their reproduction in the body of adults and children. Stimulates active production of interferon, increases the formation of antibodies and significantly reduces the degree of immunosuppression. Suitable for the prevention of diseases and for the effective treatment of viral ailments in different stages (from a mild primary to a protracted state, turning into a chronicle).
  • Gerimax- an active mineral-vitamin complex based on a standardized ginseng extract. Saturates the organisms of adults and children with all the necessary substances. It increases the resistance of the immune system to virus attacks of influenza or ARVI, increases the level of efficiency and brain activity, helps the rapid restoration of vitality after prolonged, serious diseases.Practically no side effects, but when used in large doses can cause insomnia attacks.
  • Kagocel- an effective medicine to combat influenza viruses and all kinds of infections. It takes adults and children under reliable protection even at the stage of primary prophylaxis and prevents germs from entering cells and multiplying. It activates the production of natural interferon in the body.
  • Oxolinic ointment- suitable for children and adults (including pregnant). Serves as an excellent barrier to the penetration of influenza viruses of any modifications. For the prevention of it twice a day for a month lubricate the mucous membrane of the nose. The active substance contained in the composition inhibits the reproduction of viruses already trapped in cells, and reliably blocks the way for new ones.
  • Aflubin- homeopathic preparation of a wide complex action (prophylaxis, treatment) for adults and children. Fights flu, acute respiratory viral infections and the main types of seasonal colds. Reduces the activity of inflammatory processes, has antipyretic effect, relieves general pain in the body, restores immunity and conducts detoxification of internal systems.Activates non-specific protective factors of the body and inhibits the reproduction of influenza pathogens. It goes well with any other drugs. It has no negative side effects, with the exception of increased salivation in extremely rare cases.

Influenza 2016-2017 - universal preventive measures


Preventive measures to help fight the flu 2016-2017, mainly come down to compliance with the rules of personal hygiene. At the peak of the epidemic, doctors are advised to avoid visiting crowded places, to avoid contact with infected flu, to wash their hands regularly and to wipe them with antibacterial wet wipes, to use individual protective masks, especially in public transport or other closed, poorly ventilated areas , carry out tempering procedures, use vitamins and immunomodulatory drugs, drink plenty of fluids, eat right, do daily row or walk in the fresh air. These simple techniques will strengthen the body and make it virtually invulnerable to microbes and viral infections that spread SARS and influenza.

Prevention of influenza in pregnancy and breastfeeding


During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the female body is especially vulnerable and can become “easy prey” for all sorts of viral infections, germs and other pathogens. However, doctors categorically do not advise pregnant women to vaccinate or take drugs traditionally used to combat seasonal flu and its strains. The list of prohibited drugs for pregnant women includes the most effective anti-inflammatory drugs, such as tomiflu, kagocel, remantodin, etc.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers are recommended to use folk remedies for the prevention and treatment of ailments (tea with raspberries and lemon, hot drinks based on medicinal herbs and natural juices, onions, garlic, rosehip syrup). In addition, it is very desirable to minimize visits to public places during the activation of diseases, leave the house only in an individual mask and in no case contact with sick people.

Medicines for flu and SARS for pregnant women

From preventive and therapeutic drugs, pregnant and lactating mothers are allowed to use such means as:

  • Grippferon- non-toxic and absolutely safe medicine that blocks the reproduction of viruses that enter the body through the respiratory tract. Available in droplets and acts very quickly. Improvement of health is observed the next day after the first application. Does not cause addiction in pregnant women and shows excellent compatibility with other drugs.
  • Interferon- produced in the form of ointment or suppositories and is considered the most optimal immunomodulatory, anti-inflammatory, antiviral and anti-proliferative drug for pregnant women. It protects the body against infection and prevents viruses from infecting internal cells. Works as an effective prevention for all types of colds. It is prescribed for treatment at the very first stage, when runny nose and cough are just beginning. It is recommended to use after 28 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Viferon- is produced in the form of candles and is suitable not only for prevention, but also for use when the first signs of the disease (runny nose, cough, etc.) appear in pregnant women. The drug quickly reduces even very high temperatures and destroys irritant bacteria.There are no side effects when taking the drug, however, it is better to entrust the determination of the volume of the dose that is suitable for treatment to a specialist, and subsequently not to exceed it.

Prevention of influenza in preschool education - useful information for parents


Children are much harder to suffer all types of diseases, including influenza and acute respiratory viral infections, so doctors ask adults to be very attentive and when they cough, have a mild runny nose, or other manifestations of the common cold, they immediately take the child to the clinic. The doctor will carry out all the necessary tests and, on the basis of this information, will write out effective medications and pills for the fight against viral infections for the little patient. If the baby is healthy, but the danger of infection still exists, you should focus on prevention and take up intensive strengthening of the immune system.

First of all, adults need to limit the contact of the baby with the sick flu. You should not immediately refuse to visit a kindergarten or school. DOW closely monitors the epidemiological situation and always on time organizes vaccination of employees of children's institutions. The premises are well ventilated every day, are wet-cleaned,they process the interior with a bactericidal lamp and constantly monitor the level of health of the staff and pupils. In addition, adults hold thematic meetings and extra-curricular events at which physicians tell how flu prevention 2016-2017 should be carried out and what adults and children should do to protect the body from infection.

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