Pros and cons of the coffered ceiling in the interior

Home improvement - one of the most enjoyable, but at the same time, very troublesome processes. After all, you always want to make everything as cozy, beautiful and comfortable as possible, choosing between the latest trends and interesting interior solutions. And, it would seem, who would look in this case at the ceiling. But it turns out that it can easily become a feature and "highlight" of your home. Doubt? Then we will tell you about the koson ceiling.

Noble and unusual

What is the most commonly used for finishing the ceiling? The usual screed, on top of which paint is applied, suspended structures, gypsum plasterboard elements, in which light elements are mounted, well, and the simplest and budgetary option is wallpaper.

But the caissons are a special thing. This is a decorative design, which can consist of cells, niches and beams of various sizes and depths. This decoration was used thousands of years ago in the construction of ordinary houses and royal palaces.This was done in order to reduce the load on the walls and beams overlapping the ceiling.

And to make it look not too rough, the caissons were decorated with carvings, and in the palaces even with precious metals. Today, such a finish is often decorative, giving the room a touch of a noble and elegant look.

It should be immediately noted that the wooden decor is quite expensive, and its installation should be taken into account when designing a house. That is why in modern homes use imitation panels.

Decor Features

The shape of the niches, which are created by interweaving caisson structures, can be practically any - square, round, polygonal.

But since such a decor is quite voluminous, it is suitable for apartments and houses that have a ceiling height of at least 250 cm.

But after installation, you will be able to feel how the level of sound insulation will change. No extraneous sounds, heard earlier from the neighbors, now will not bother you, no less than you neighbors. This will be facilitated by educated niches that help disperse sound waves.

As for style, the best caissons fit in the same classics for centuries.

Undoubtedly, this finish has a lot of advantages:

  • thanks to the volume it will be possible to hide even the most serious drawbacks of the base surface (seams, elevations, depressions);
  • communication wires can easily hide in the niches of the caissons;
  • with a low level of sound insulation, you can lay an additional layer of sound-proof material inside the structure.

But it is not without such a design decision and cons, the most significant among which are:

  • rather high price of materials;
  • The installation process itself is complex, therefore it requires either having experience with the selected material or contacting specialists. The only thing that can simplify this process is the purchase of ready-made blocks;
  • if it is a caisson ceiling from gypsum board, then it is necessary to choose a water resistant type (it is more expensive), because in case of flooding by neighbors the whole structure will become unusable.

Materials used

The tree is a noble and very beautiful material, its natural texture and pattern create a unique atmosphere of coziness, naturalness and wealth. But the high price makes it in modern conditions the exception rather than the rule.

Besides it, other materials can be used for caissons:

  1. MDF.Such panels are not expensive, easy to install and serve for a long time. But all this subject to the absence of high humidity. In addition, it is flammable and unstable to mechanical damage.
  2. Polyurethane. It meets all safety requirements, is not afraid of moisture, and looks solid. The variety of colors and decor makes it possible to complete the interior of the house. The main disadvantage is the high cost.
  3. Drywall - one of the most popular and budget options. True, it has some problems with cleaning. Moisture can harm such panels, because the best option is to re-paint them.
  4. Styrofoam. Lightweight, non-flammable and not afraid of moisture. It can be used to finish not only the rooms, but also the kitchen or bathroom. The main advantage of foam blocks is the ease of handling and installation. Even a beginner master can handle this.

And the plates covered with a decorative film will easily create the illusion of using natural materials.

The working process

If you decide to build a coffered ceiling in the apartment with your own hands, then you should follow a few important rules:

  1. Create a detailed project and sketch. No installation will be possible without them.
  2. The background of the caisson is usually a painted ceiling or wallpaper. Despite the fact that the mounted decor will hide the general flaws in the form of irregularities, the color and texture should be as close as possible to the ideal.
  3. After the preparatory stage, labels are applied and installation begins. It should be taken into account that the larger the room, the more beams should be used.

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