Pros and cons of the sea cruise

While exploring various leisure options, consider the unusual. Want bright emotions and memories? Then go on a sea cruise! But first, weigh the pros and cons.

Should I go on a cruise?

Before evaluating the pros and cons of this option of rest, find out if it is right for you. If you think that this is an incredibly romantic journey, then you are only partially right. But there are some features and pitfalls, so immediately decide whether you need it all, whether you want it. Ask people who have been on this trip, their opinions and advice may be helpful.

Advantages and disadvantages

If you are planning a vacation and have chosen a sea cruise, then first you will appreciate all its advantages:

  • Travel will certainly be comfortable, because modern liners are provided with everything that may require travelers. All the benefits of civilization will be available to you, and sensitive, trained personnel will do everything to please you and make the rest unforgettable (in the end, you pay for it).
  • This option is almost universal and will suit both a couple in love and a family or even a lone traveler.
  • The opportunity to visit several countries in the process of one trip. You will definitely get unforgettable impressions and see many new places. If you are lucky, you will cover up to 7-10 states!
  • You will definitely find something for everyone. On the large modern liners there are restaurants, casinos, sports and gyms, playgrounds for children and even tennis courts and swimming pools. And all this within a single ship!
  • You do not have to look for where to stay and live. A cabin will become your permanent stay and even partly residence, and it can be no less comfortable than a room in a better hotel.
  • The trip will be well-planned, you will not need to recognize popular sights and find out what to see in one country or another; these efforts will be taken on by tour operators.
  • Even if you go on a trip alone, then if you want you can find interlocutors or even companions. And some dating can be very interesting or even fateful (for example, a resort romance can grow into something more, or you can find friends).
  • If water is your element, then you will definitely be comfortable.
  • It is fascinating and interesting!

But there are some drawbacks:

  • Do not expect that you will be able to fully appreciate each item of travel. Usually, only a few hours are allocated for inspection, which is definitely not enough to feel the atmosphere and enjoy it.
  • A huge minus is seasickness. Her symptoms can be extremely unpleasant and even painful, and this will overshadow the rest.
  • It is quite tiring. First, you will have to adhere to the established regime, which can get boring. Secondly, if there are many stops, you will often have to move a lot, and at an accelerated pace and with thoughts about how to get to the cabin as soon as possible.
  • If you are afraid of water, then this option of rest you definitely will not do. You will not experience anything but fear and negative emotions, and your vacation will be spoiled.
  • Perhaps at some point you will be bored. Still, even a modern ship is a relatively closed space, and it cannot be abandoned. And when you try out all the entertainment, you want something new or at least trivial. But this is impossible.
  • Someone will regard a clear plan as a minus.For example, if you are an adventurous and windy person, then you may want to change the route or start traveling spontaneously. There will be no such opportunity on a cruise.
  • Sea voyage can harm health. So, if you are planning a holiday with children, then prepare in advance for acclimatization. After all, you will visit several places with different climates, and sometimes the differences will be dramatic. For a child's body such a load can be excessive. In addition, cruises are contraindicated in certain diseases. So before you leave, be sure to contact your doctor and consult with him to assess the risks and potential harm.
  • You can visit only the port cities, and they may be less interesting than others that do not have marinas.
  • Although safety is ensured during your stay on the ship, certain risks still exist. So, no one has canceled the forces of nature, such as thunderstorms and storms. And in the case of such "whims" the elements of the life of tourists will be in the hands of the captain and depend on his experience.
  • Even the shortest cruise is quite expensive, because servicing the liner is a complex and costly process.
  • Although the sea will always be near, but it is impossible to swim in it. Only in some cities, tourists are offered to go to the beach and enjoy a swim.


A few recommendations that will make the cruise safe, comfortable and unforgettable:

  1. First of all, you should choose where to go. To find a suitable place, it is worth considering the season, the situation in certain countries, as well as personal preferences. For example, in the fall or spring, not all countries are warm, and in summer in some countries the rainy season begins. Also find out which part of the world you want to visit: Europe or Asia.
  2. Determine the purpose. The options are many, but they all distinguish the goal. So, one liners follow to a certain point, which is the end point. From there you will get on your own, and not necessarily by water. Another option is to arrive at the point and depart from it back on the same vessel. In addition, cruises are round-the-world, transatlantic (supposed to cross the Atlantic), coastal and expeditionary, carried out in uncharted and hard-to-reach places.
  3. It is very important to choose a suitable liner.Firstly, the travel agency must have all the documents confirming the vessel's operability. Secondly, in advance, explore the accommodation options. Third, find out if an all-inclusive system will be available if it matters to you. Fourthly, if you are suffering from seasickness or are afraid of it, then you can choose a vessel with so-called motion stabilizers, which minimize the amplitude of movements and provide stability.
  4. If you want to brighten up the journey of communication with other tourists, then take care of this in advance. So, you can take a translator with you or install the appropriate program on a mobile device. And you can ask the tourist operator whether your countrymen will be on board the ship.
  5. So that seasickness does not overshadow your vacation, take care of the preparation in advance. So, you can consult a doctor so that he prescribed a drug against motion sickness. In addition, you can sign up for a vestibular training course.
  6. Remember that you have to constantly and strictly follow the schedule. So, if you stay at one of the points of travel or deviate from the route, then you can simply "lose."That is, you will remain in a foreign country and get into an awkward or even extremely difficult situation.
  7. Choose a suitable cruise length so as not to get bored and not get tired of the sea or ocean.

If you have made a decision, it remains only to wish an unforgettable voyage!

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