Pros and cons of waterproof cosmetics

Beautiful ladies are ready to go to great lengths in order to always look beautiful and well-groomed; for these purposes, the beauty industry has been working hard and confidently for more than one year, inventing newer and more advanced personal care products.

Some 100 years ago, cosmetics that would not melt in the rain and melt away from the hot sun did exist in fantastic stories, but today this is an absolute reality, which thousands of women have long enjoyed.

Unpleasant problem

Now you can easily keep makeup on the sea, while quietly bathing in its gentle waters, walking in the rain and snow, like in romantic motion pictures and not even thinking about what you look like at the moment, because waterproof cosmetics withstand such tests.

But is everything so simple? True or myths, all those rumors that are shrouded in such products, because most skeptics say that nothing can happen for nothing and for every plus of such a miracle there will easily be a huge and weighty minus.

Today, waterproof cosmetics are products that are available to every woman, but is it worth tempting to her promising properties? So, let's try to understand this difficult question and draw our own conclusions, and for this we will start with the history of its appearance in the vastness of the beauty sphere.

Useful thing

It is known for certain that the first product that began its march as waterproof cosmetics is ordinary mascara. Her invention until now can not share the two well-known gurus Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein.

According to the first legend, Elizabeth was puzzled by the question of creating a waterproof mascara during her own advertising campaign of the next cosmetic product, when the model had all the prepared makeup spread out under the influence of tears.

According to another legend, something similar was created back in 1938 for the troupe of the water theater, but, of course, the first creations were not the most successful, since their composition was filled with turpentine. Not only did he have an extremely unpleasant smell, he also strongly irritated the mucous membrane of the eyes, caused allergies and other eye diseases, which naturally disappointed the first consumers.

And only in the 1960s, Max Factor, a famous bouti-guru, offered the world waterproof mascara, the formula of which was fundamentally different from the previous one, contained less aggressive components and was as safe as possible for the face and eyes.

What are water resistant products today?

In the wake of the ink, other waterproof charms of the cosmetic world began to appear - tonal bases, blush, lipsticks, shadows and eyeliners, in general, the girl acquires complete freedom of action even in the pouring rain.

In addition, what really pleases, in comparison with its predecessors, modern waterproof products have a softer composition, often it even contains nutrients and SPF-filters that nourish and protect the skin from sun exposure.

Any product can be waterproof.

In addition, moisture resistant components, for example, silicone oils, synthetic hairs or polymer complexes, which provide the desired effect, are usually included in the composition.

Water resistance of cosmetics will depend on the percentage of silicone, the presence of which, as a rule, terribly frightens many consumers. It is thanks to this component that myths were born thatthat such cosmetics contribute to clogging of pores, as a result of which the skin does not breathe, and various inflammations and acne can form on it. Actually this is not true.

Even cosmetics with a 25% maximum silicone content are not able to prevent oxygen from entering, but if you still think that it is better to be safe, then you can purchase funds that contain elements with the end of -cone (as determined by most silicones) at the very end of the list or, in extreme cases, in the middle of the list.

Indeed, not one expert will turn his tongue to assert that silicones can be of any use to the body, they do not nourish cells and do not perform any healing function, and, therefore, it is difficult to attribute them to the real merits of such means.


But, on the other hand, they do not penetrate deep into the skin, but act exclusively superficially. It is thanks to them that the pigments are evenly distributed, which results in a smooth, even and beautiful picture on your face that you cannot easily wipe off with one stroke.

To the list of disadvantages of such cosmetics, sometimes, add the presence of such ingredients as thimerosal or quecksiber, in other words, mercury compounds.Most often, mascara is banned, because it's where they are most easily found.

But, as experts in this field assure, they are kept there in such a meager amount that they simply cannot accumulate in the body and, all the more, cause some harm. Their main purpose is to play the role of preservatives, which they, in fact, are doing.

It is also important to know that there is no oil in the composition of such cosmetics, which means that it is able to dry the skin, which is not very pleasant for owners of dry skin.

How to apply waterproof products?

In order not to harm yourself with such cosmetics, you need to know how to properly use it, namely, how to apply and how to remove makeup. If you are the owner of normal skin, then before applying waterproof cosmetics do not need to apply some kind of cream-based or fat cream-care.

Otherwise, all your efforts can quickly flow into the sun, as waterproof makeup is “afraid” of oils and fats. Holders of dry skin before applying make-up must necessarily moisturize it, otherwise you may experience unpleasant and tightening sensations.In general, ladies with this type of skin are better not to get carried away by such means, as it speeds up its aging.

Many shun water

Ladies with oily skin also need to be careful, as on its surface waterproof cosmetics is kept extremely tight. Therefore, the person must first clean and process a special cream that controls the secretion of the sebaceous glands.

It must be remembered that the usual makeup remover milk will not help you here, so you need to look for products that have the label “for removing waterproof makeup” on the label. Remove it must necessarily every day before going to bed or immediately after the event, so as not to provoke the appearance of inflammation and acne. After removal, it is better to moisturize the skin with a nourishing cream or milk.

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