Psychic Dariya Voskoboeva dispelled the myth of the crown of celibacy

What prevents a woman from meeting the very one? And why in the relationship we are stepping on the same rake? The presenter of the “Psychic Diary” program Dariya Voskoboeva told about the typical mistakes of modern women.

Rummage in yourself

Many people think: I'll put on a mini-skirt, heels, and that's it, I'm ready for a new novel. But where is he, my perfect prince? Again, I caught some kind of one, just like the former. It is here that it is worth thinking: what are you yourself, who you are inside?

You need to change yourself and your perception of the world, then life will change. Like is attracted to like. And a man, as we know, is a reflection of a woman. So, if you are waiting for an ideal partner, you will also have to become an ideal one yourself.

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Take a look around

There are four aspects of man: the bio, socio, psycho and spiritual components. Bio is our body, society is the people around us, the psyche is our emotional state, the spiritual is the filling of our soul. If something from this list fails, there will be no harmony.

Therefore, first of all, take care of the health of your body. Take a close look at the people around you. Avoid those from whom you can "gather" the negative.

Change your thoughts: if you think badly about yourself, about men around, what do you want to get? And, of course, engage in the spiritual component: if the soul is empty, there will be those who put something alien there.

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Get rid of trash

If a person dresses as a clown, then he will be perceived as a clown. Carefully look at your appearance and, if necessary, change the wardrobe. Old ruthlessly discarded from the cabinet. Similarly, you need to get rid of "friends" and advisers who do not give anything but negative.

As we usually reason: “I know that my girlfriend is a snake, but I love her, we are friends from kindergarten!”. Or: "Suddenly, I still lose weight and wear these jeans." We feel sorry for junk, but it pulls us to the bottom. Requires an upgrade, global cleaning: and the cabinet, and at home, and the soul, and the people around you. Accelerate your pseudo-friends - you must be clean from the thoughts and feelings of others.

Do not wait - live

The man himself will come into your life when you are ready. Do not wait for him.For now, you just need to live, work on yourself, fill your soul with a new, clean, bright one.

Go to the philharmonic society, to the theater, to the fitness room, to the cinema, read books and just enjoy life. There are self-cleaning techniques, inspirations - this is all available.

It is foolish to cry and ask the fate of happiness. We must learn to manage their own lives.

Photo: courtesy of the TV-3 press service

Thank former

Tell them thanks for the experience, which you need to learn from, draw conclusions, so as not to repeat mistakes. I am grateful to my two husbands for giving me an impetus for growth and spiritual development. Even thanks for that, I sometimes had to count the little things on diapers and food for children.

But the universe with the help of my husbands made me take my path. Until you grow up spiritually, you do not understand and accept yourself, until there is harmony in your soul, no harmonious relationship with the “prince” will appear. And the expression “the crown of celibacy” annoys me at all - this is nonsense and pure invention.

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