Putting the figure in order for the New Year: health effects

New Year's bustle with buying gifts for relatives and friends, thinking through the festive menu and planning visits of guests for some women is also complicated by the desire to correct its weight without fail.

If there is a stunningly beautiful dress in the closet that is a bit narrow, and soon there will be all sorts of corporate parties, trips to visit, trips to various New Year's events, then the so-called “New Year's Eve” is the only way out.

narrow holiday dress

"Pre-New Year's diet" is an intensive set of urgent measures, allowing for a short time to get rid of a few extra pounds and put on the most coveted dress. As a rule, such measures include cutting back on daily calorie intake and a sharp increase in physical exertion, combined with anti-cellulite treatments and massages.

Often, these measures really give a certain visual effect - dropped kilograms allow you to show off the beauty of the dress, and the weights arrow serves for a while as a consolation for vanity. However, if you look deeper, the situation looks more sad than joyful.


A sharp change in the usual diet in the direction of reducing portions and reducing the calorie content of food consumed leads not only to moral suffering, expressed in a constant feeling of hunger, headaches and a bad mood.

The main side effect of calorie deficiency is a slowdown in metabolism and subsequent rapid weight gain. This effect is explained very simply: the body perceives a decrease in the number of calories as a stressful situation and begins to expend energy very economically.

low calorie diet

On New Year's holidays, when the need to cut down the diet disappears, the weight begins to return at a rapid pace due to previous stress: having experienced a calorie deficit once, the body begins to “store” with each food in case it will ever again have to work in energy saving mode .


Quick weight loss necessarily has a negative effect on appearance, giving it a painful look. Sagging folds of skin, circles under the eyes, unhealthy complexion - this is the minimum set that accompanies a woman who has dramatically lost weight.

sagging face skin

In addition, the lack of a balanced diet and vitamin deficiency can lead to the fact that the person will require special care and attention: chapped lips, dry peeling skin, fine wrinkles and pimples have not decorated anyone.

The propaganda of today's popular food film wrapping for eliminating cellulite and burning fat in problem areas is also not as harmless as it might seem at first glance.


Exercise with overheating of the body can cause irreparable harm, especially if you already have problems with the cardiovascular system or kidneys. It must be remembered that during workouts with wrapping film a huge amount of fluid is lost.

cling film wrap

When dehydration the body becomes difficult to remove decomposition products, the muscles begin to lose elasticity, a strong feeling of fatigue arises, the kidneys work worsens.Therefore, any fluid loss should be compensated - only in this case, training will not be harmful to health.

Do not flatter yourself if after exercise the scales showed that you became a pound-kilogram easier. The process of fat burning does not happen so fast, there simply was a big loss of fluid that needs to be replenished right there.

physical activity for weight loss

In addition, it is worth remembering that in conditions of disturbed heat transfer, the fat burning process slows down, because the main task of the body at such a moment is to reduce the heat generated by the body by reducing the number of calories burned.

An illiterate approach to weight correction using “express methods” can lead not only to a deterioration of appearance, but also serious health problems: kidney disease, varicose veins, deterioration of heart function and skin condition.

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