Recipes for the New Year of the Sheep

recipes for New Years SheepNew 2015 is approaching, which, according to the Chinese calendar, is the year of the Blue Sheep. I want him to be happy and joyful, to bring only good events. How to make the New Year's dinner support the holiday atmosphere and set everyone up for the best?

As you know, a sheep is a peaceful animal that grazes on the edge, prefers fresh greens, so experts of the eastern esoterica advise to serve more vegetables and dairy dishes on the table Sheep. Seafood and pickles, marinades are welcome. Do not eat pork and beef. But if you really want to surprise the guests with something original, we advise you to submit “Shepherd's Torchka” for the New Year's table-2015. It will be the main dish, which can be supplemented with several salads and snacks.

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