Recovery after childbirth

Good afternoon! Closer to two months after birth, copious secretions began again. The ultrasound revealed nothing, the uterus was completely reduced, there is nothing inside. What else could be the reason?


Good afternoon, Margarita! Not quite clear what kind of selection. But it can be an inflammation of the vaginal mucosa. And the selection is precisely because of this.


Maybe this monthly recovered? I just two months later they went

a guest18.12.17 18:26

During pregnancy, the placenta attaches to the uterus. After childbirth, it comes off and a bleeding wound remains in its place, so a woman’s bleeding from the genitals over several weeks the shelves what and how.

I also think that it can be menstrual, the body all reacts differently to childbirth. Take, for example, those women in labor who had a caesarean, someone quickly recovers who cannot get in shape for half a year. I can recommend to read articles, as tips on recovery after childbirth.

Well, it will tell you the gynecologist, it seems to me, you need to be checked.

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