Natalia Guseva
Relationship expert

Natalia Guseva- Relationship blogger. Project Creatoron Instagram. For three years he has been consulting on the creation and preservation of the family. Conducts webinars on the topics "Women's energy" and "Self-realization", because there is a direct connection between a strong family and women's energy, and in order to create a strong family, you need to stand firm on your own feet.

Born in Moscow, life lived in Kiev and traveled and studied. Studying in the 9th grade, I entered EUFIMB with a degree in marketing and, in parallel with the school, for the 10–11 grade, I completed the first course at the university. At 15 already finished school and the first year of university. From a young age she craved financial independence and did everything to achieve her goal. She started working in grade 11, first in a small IT company, she gained excellent work experience in the state structure - the Department of Education and Science. At the age of 20, she got a job as a marketer at Triumph. Through the year she became the brand manager of a Triumph subsidiary, Darina.After graduating from university, she continued her studies in the field of design and soon realized that real passion was psychology. She enrolled at the Polytechnic Institute at the psychology department and was not satisfied with the quality of education. At the same time working in marketing, I got another education - Project Management understands what it takes to understand the organization of your own project.

From the first person: “I didn’t find a place for myself all these years, while searching for myself, I couldn’t find my purpose, but I was glad to find him at 26 not in 50 years. Until 27 years old, I continued to earn money, tried to build my personal life, create a family and look for myself. I wanted to create such a project so that it was meaningful, so that there was a real benefit from it so that people would say “Thank you very much to me”. For me, this is the best reward. I decided to engage in self-education and take private lessons and advice from specialists whom I truly respect.

It is necessary to develop physically, morally, emotionally and spiritually, to constantly grow, never to stop there. Do not lose yourself in relationships, in the family. Properly allocate priorities among family members.

There is no bad or good time or a bad one. Every moment in your life is unique and obligatory for your experience and building your personality, you should underestimate it. It needs to be appreciated. Also, as there is no good or bad experience, any experience is important because it leads you to improve yourself. Of course, if you analyze and draw conclusions. ”

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Married 32 years. In 2008, the husband left the family. Almost a year lived with another woman. At the same time, we did not stop communicating and talked all year round and went everywhere together. Then he came back and we lived a wonderful nine years in love and harmony.


Good afternoon. We met a girl of 4 years. I was her first young man. Everything was good. We spent a lot of time together, but then we began to quarrel often. We live in different cities, but we met on weekends.


We will meet with the guy for a long time (3 years), or rather we met, a couple of days ago we parted. But before that, too, we parted (3 times), but then we came back again. .


Hello! We meet with a young man for more than 2 years. Before him, she gave herself the goal to work in tourism with frequent trips abroad. When I started meeting him, I immediately told him everything, of course, he was not very pleased.


The same situation happened in my life several times. I am quite a sociable person, very drawn to other people.


Hello. I can not understand the young man. When they met, he was very active, often wrote, called, told something, sent a photo, constantly offered to meet. Then the oddities began. He then behaves very actively, then disappears.


Good afternoon!

Some time after the breakup, my ex-boyfriend started calling me about 1 time in 7-10 days. To the question "why are you calling me?


Good afternoon! Tell me, please, how to learn to trust men, to let a man into your life? There were two civil marriages, there were insults and pain, now everything is behind, in good relations.



On vacation in July, met a young man from another country. We talked for a couple of days, then when I left, they began to correspond and sometimes call up.


Good day, Natalia. I want to hear your advice.

I have been married for 10 years; for the past 1.5 years, my husband often began to raise the issue of children. I will say right away, even before marriage, he was in solidarity with me in this matter, and now there are even scandals on this basis.

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