Relaxed: Gigi Hadid showed rounded buttocks

It seems that the model decided to arrange a real vacation for themselves and stopped training.

Fashion at the worst, but at the same time the toned body reached its apogee. Literally all the girls of the world are obsessed with being slim and pumped up: they sit on diets, try to eat only green vegetables (it is believed that they help to lose weight), every day they go to a fitness room where they work out cardio and strength training. And all this in order to publish luxurious pictures in bikini on Instagram.

But the model Gigi Hadid decided not to be like everyone else, and so that the swimsuit sat perfectly, did not sit on diets and did not go to the gym. The other day the paparazzi found a girl on a yacht in Greece, where she was in a black solid swimsuit. The pictures show that the model's buttocks became rounded and not at all elastic.

Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media
Photo: Legion-Media

Slim Gigi clearly gave herself a break in sport, because before her priest was thin and barely noticeable.Apparently, the model has forgotten for the time being about her boxing workouts, which she attended almost every day. But Hadid has never followed a strict diet, and in her interviews she has repeatedly admitted that her favorite snacks are chips, salami and hummus.

We hope that by the Fashion Week Gigi will come in shape, although it looks very appetizing.

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