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Review of Filippo Loreti womens watches

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  • is a Kickstarter-alumn that has set multiple world records for its crowdfunding.
  • The company makes luxury watches that would normally sell for ,000+ and offers them at an accessible price (from 9) by operating direct-to-consumer.
  • Filippo Loreti takes design inspiration from three of Italy's iconic cities: Venice, Rome, and Milan.
  • The women on our team tested the , defined by its Piazza del Campidoglio-inspired watchface, and loved the price, elegance, versatility, and thoughtful design.
  • We've also reviewed the brand's men's offerings.

Luxury watches often come with the sort of price tag that prohibits most of us from owning one — an inaccessibility that has, in the past, been a central part of what made something luxurious a luxury.

But thanks to new companies approaching the industry with more robust business models, things are changing, and luxury is becoming increasingly affordable.

Now, if you find the right online company, you can own a watch that should theoretically cost 10 to 40 times what it takes to produce for much less.

And if you're looking for that, you should know about .

is a watch company that was founded by 20-something Lithuanian brothers Danielius and Matas Jakutis in 2015. Aside from its watches, it's best-known for its record-breaking 2015 Kickstarter in which the company outstripped its ,000 goal by raising close to a million dollars in a month's time. The company's mission was and is simple: make ,000+ luxury watches affordable and relatively accessible.

In short, the Jakutis brothers wanted to democratize the luxury timepiece industry.

By creating the company online and reducing how many external pieces they have to include (middlemen and retailers) the company is able to keep its costs low and pass those savings on to its customers. As a result, you pay from 9 for a minimalist watch to 9 for an artisanal automatic, all well under what luxury watches typically go for.

's 2015 Kickstarter campaign made it the most crowdfunded watch company in history, and, in 2019, the company broke its own record by raising over 5.5 million in 30 days from more than 18,000 backers. In total, the company has launched three record-breaking crowdfunding campaigns, raised more than ,000,000 tot and is one of Kickstarter's 20 most successful initiatives across all categories.

Aside from affordable luxury, likely draws customers for its ongoing spirit of crowdsourcing. The company maintains the "old ways" that set great watches apart from the rest, but its watches are co-developed with the brand's community — resulting in a luxury watch that still feels aspirational, but with the sort of thoughtful design that brings it decisively into the 'now'.

Initially, the company's messaging — like most watch brands — was catered towards men. However, one facet of the elegance and elastic utilitarianism of watches is that they aren't necessarily gendered. While Filippo Loreti's site offers two sections — — the differences are minimal, and the prices identical.

Anyone of any gender could comfortably wear the designs.

The watches are inspired by three iconic Italian cities — Venice, Rome, and Milan — as well as, less overtly, the long history of Italian luxury and finesse in general — emulating the same meticulous and vocational craftsmanship of industry landmarks like Ferrari, Fendi, Versace, Prada, Armani, and Dolce &Gabbana.










I'vegottentocheckoutalotofwatchesthroughmytimeatInsiderPicks,andFilippoLoretiisoneofmyfavorites.Thequalityofthematerialsandtheconsideredbutunderstateddesignmakethemlookandfeelluxuriouswithoutbeingoverthetop.Thematteblackissleekandtheproportionsspoton—notsothinthatitappearspurelyornamentalorthewatchfaceunnaturallylargelikemanywomen'swatches,butalsonotbulkyenoughtoappearovertlymasculine.Thecontrastingtextureandintricatepatteringareinterestingtolookat,andIlovethepersonalizationofthe3DembossedPiazzaontheback.Myfavoriteaspect,though—asidefromprice—isthatIalwaysthinkofMichelangelo'sgeometriccenterpiecewhenIlookdownatmywrist.It'sanoddlynicesourceforarecurringmixofbothhumilityandinspiration— and I like knowing my watch has a bit more of "deep dive" story to it.

Remi Rosmarin, Insider Picks intern:

I rarely wear watches. I have a small wrist, so I find that most watches either dangle uncomfortably or just look absurdly large on my arm. Those issues, plus the high price tags on most watches I actually do like, have deterred me from watch shopping all together. I assumed this watch would be another failure.

After trying the Rome Gold, I was actually pleasantly surprised. The brown leather band and gold face give the watch a classic, timeless look that matches well with my everyday jewelry. At 40 mm, the face of the watch is still pretty large, but I did not find it obtrusive as I typed and did work. I think this can be credited to the settings on the band, which allowed me to make sure the watch was really secure. The design is simple, but the textured pattern on the face definitely adds some intrigue. This watch may not go in my everyday rotation right away, but I definitely will re-wear it. If you're in the market for a watch, I think Filippo Loreti, with its high quality but reasonably priced options, is worth checking out.

Sally Kaplan, Insider Picks editor:

I am no watch connoisseur, but my partner has a collection of minimalist timepieces that I occasionally steal to wear myself. This time, it seems, I'll have to guard my own watch from her thieving hands.

I got the Rome Silver watch to test out, and I've been amply pleased with it so far. The minimalist silhouette of the watch is what I found myself initially drawn to, but the immense detail is what keeps me wanting to revisit it every day. I'm particularly excited to wear it on my trip to Rome in March of next year, where I absolutely plan compare the etching of the Piazza del Campidoglio to the real thing.

It's worth noting that the watch face is on the larger size for my wrist, which isn't something I mind, but may be a consideration for anyone with tiny wrists or daintier taste.

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Review of Filippo Loreti womens watches
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