Russian cuisine, which will never be a foreigner

The national cuisine seems familiar and understandable to us, but foreign guests who came to Russia for a couple of days are surprised and scared by no less than the Cyrillic alphabet on which the menu in restaurants is written. Our rating of "the worst Russian dishes."


Every Russian knows how many useful substances are found in buckwheat porridge, and we have become accustomed to the dull gray color of this product and even learned how to create new tastes by adding mushroom, onion or milk and butter to the porridge. However, for foreigners, this product still remains a “strange gray-brown mess”, and they are even afraid to taste it. No problem! We will get more.

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A storehouse of minerals and nutrients. People with low hemoglobin levels understand that this is not even food, but its own “cure for all ills”. And if the liver is moderately fried and seasoned with spices, then it becomes quite tasty.However, foreigners are frightened by the dark appearance and strange taste of this product. And if it is a buckwheat with a liver, then for many people, to try such a duet on a plate is equivalent to a bungee jump.

Jelly and jellied fish

“How disgusting is this fish in your fish!” - says a sincere and disappointed Hippolytus in “Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!”. And many foreigners will support him and wonder what could be different. Is it possible to eat cold pudding with meat or fish taste on New Year's Eve and get pleasure from it? Quite if you add to this horseradish.

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Semolina with lumps

Even without lumps, it seems strange to them to taste and texture. And with unmixed pieces it resembles a building material, which for some reason needs to be eaten, and not used in the repair of an apartment. Foreigners look at the children eating both substance for both cheeks with distrust and admiration. And our Russian “avos”, they are brave and pofigism, they often attribute precisely to the fact that we have been eating strange foods since childhood.


It seems a foreigner unfinished product, resembling an undercooked jelly or marmalade. The aroma and color of the drink seem quite attractive,therefore, they try it with interest and find it very tasty. However, they still continue to call among themselves "liquid jelly."

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Herring under a Fur Coat

Here the name is more scary than the type of product. But since it is cold in Russia and sometimes on the streets instead of cats and dogs bears are walking, herring may also have a fur coat. In cold climates, everything is possible. However, if it is clarified that a fur coat is a metaphor, and the herring is under several layers of different ingredients, everything falls into place. Bears again turn into cats and dogs, and “herring under a fur coat” - into a completely edible salad with fish, potatoes and beets.

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