Safe dates - first of all

Safe dates - first of allIf you are thinking about how to deepen the relationship, then do not be lazy to make sure that your partner is a mature and independent person. Pay attention to the signs and warning signals that indicate that your chosen one or the chosen one is still clinging tightly to their parents. Dating is for adults only! An adult person is one who separated from his parents and internally left the house where his childhood passed. He has a circle of adult communication, which gives him psychological and spiritual support. If your partner is too closely connected with your parents, this is a dangerous sign. Parental support is not bad in itself. It is bad if it becomes inappropriate and irreplaceable. Adults should not be entirely dependent on the parental family in financial matters, in matters of self-reliance. They do not need constant parental encouragement and encouragement. Their spiritual life proceeds independently of their parents. If you have a relationship with a person,who has not yet separated from the parent family, be careful. You are dealing with a child or teenager, but not with an adult person.


Safe dates - first of all
Here we are talking about meeting with people you do not know. It is understood that you do not always have comprehensive information about the people you meet. Therefore, you need to take care of your safety and be careful. For the most part, common sense is enough. You do not let the first comer into your house? So on dates: do not open your soul to people with whom you barely know. For example, if the date is organized through a dating service, do not give the new acquaintance full information about yourself right away.


Safe dates - first of all. This principle applies to any new acquaintances. Suppose friends introduced you to their friend. They know him only on the one hand and are completely unaware of what he is on a date. Outwardly, he is a glorious guy, a creative person, the soul of a company. But personal relationships sometimes reveal such aspects in a person that do not manifest in any way at work, or in church, or among friends. Therefore, always remember: the person with whom you meet, little you know.


I do not intimidate you.I just want you not to forget: you still do not know the person. This is an advantage - you have the opportunity to learn something interesting, to join something new. But relationships can turn into an unpleasant course for you, so be careful until you really know what kind of person is in front of you.


So, when you go on a date with a man whom you know little, caution does not hurt. Meet in public places or in the company of friends. When contacting a dating service, carefully review its candidate selection policy and the security requirements that it makes. There are virtual dating tutorials that give practical advice.


Before you agree to a meeting alone or give more detailed information about yourself, make sure that you have learned enough about the person. You should not immediately give your home address or phone number - it’s better to give you a work number and say what time is best for you to call. Do not tell you where you can easily be found. You can create a separate email address for your new friends. It is better not to disclose your permanent address immediately.


And no matter how you met a man, and what impression he made on you - the main thing is that you do not know him well.The fact that he is familiar with people who have a good reputation, or rotates in respectable circles - is not yet an occasion to consider it reliable. Reliability does not depend on the church in which he (she) goes and where he works. Meet new people is very exciting. Just do not forget about wisdom and caution.

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