Sausage had a dream in dream, dream book

When images of sleep occur, a person cannot control his or her mind. Therefore, everything that surrounds it may appear in the plots of dreams. So, food along with other visual images can be part of our dreams. Why dream of sausage - consider below.

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What dreams of sausage
What dreams of sausage

Sonic Fedorovskoy

A dream in which you eat sausage promises the appearance in a short time of a small cozy home. If you dream about someone eating this meat product, then you face a significant financial loss. Buying a product - promises to pay taxes. Selling sausage in a night vision suggests that your loved ones will soon suffer heavy losses through your fault. Cooking sausage - predicts good luck in various endeavors.

Dream interpretation of the XXI century

According to the authors of this dream book, sausage in a dream - to inheritance, win or other good news. There is a sausage in dreams - promises some kind of surprise. Cooking it - prophesying favor and luck in any endeavors.Clearing the sausage from the film and cut it - this is a warning about the possibility of obtaining undeserved reproaches and criticism.

Dream Interpretation from A to Z

Cooking sausage in dreams foreshadows success in real life in all current affairs. To dream of a sausage - heralds soon fun and amusement. If you eat sausage in a dream, according to this dream book, this means that the plan will only be partially fulfilled. If in a dream you get this product, there is a risk to believe the first impression about new friends, which later will be a delusion. Cut the sausage in the night vision - says that you can make a willful decision regarding the authorities or subordinates.

Liver sausage dreams of poverty and waste, and blood sausage - to the fact that in your close environment will not be very smart, but they are distinguished by good performing people, which will suit you very much.

Seeing sausage pate - to obtain in reality easy money or to relationships with a mind-blowing partner. If you see sausages of different varieties in dreams, this indicates a desire for sexual satisfaction due to the presence of several partners. Smoked sausage products represent restraint, tact and accuracy.

Dream and Dmitri and Hope of Winter

Dreaming of a sausage - prophesies well-being in the household and in family relationships. If you have seen an appetizing and tasty sausage, then such a dream speaks of the stability of family ties and a material condition that is not threatened by anything. If the sausage in a dream has spoiled, the vision should be taken as a warning that you have fairly started the process of housekeeping, which is why you should wait for serious consequences.

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