Saving your beauty

  1. Strict regularity. From all the procedures that you do, sense can only be when you repeat them twice a week. No procedure will give you a good result from the first application. You need to get used to it and train yourself to take care of yourself according to the schedule, and then the effect will not take long to wait and will pleasantly surprise you.
  2. Love yourself and what you do with yourself! Even the most useless procedure may pleasantly surprise you if it is done with love. The main thing - do not rush, relax and start to take care of yourself.
  3. Each person is individually! Never use someone else's brushes, lipsticks and so on. Yours is only yours.
  4. Down with expired funds! Never use expired funds, even when the period expired just yesterday. No one knows how your skin will react to this.
  5. Useful and tasty vitamins. Vitamins improve your appearance even without cosmetics, so regular use of vitamins will be to your advantage.
  6. Composition.Never use products with chemical composition. Give preference to natural skin care products.

And yet, the main rule that has been, is and will always live is to love yourself, and then the world will love you.

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