Scarf-snood by own hands - a unique opportunity to always remain in a trend

Snood, a collar, a pipe, a scarf with a hood. Everything is about him, a stylish and fashionable accessory that allows you to look spectacular, while being warm. In essence, a scarf-snud is a piece of cloth closed in a loop, easily modifiable. If you want to tie it under the force even for beginners.

Scarf-snud: always elegant and tasteful

The beauty of this unique scarf lies in the fact that it easily turns into a stylish headdress or collar, which is an effective and warming addition to the image. Snud can have different length and width, be smooth and bulky. In this product, the most simple patterns look impressive, and each individual scarf is unique.

What to choose for knitting, knitting needles or a hook, everyone decides for himself. It is worth considering that when knitting on straight spokes, the scarf will have a connecting seam.Such a knitting option is considered the easiest and allows you to adjust the length of the product on the go. When choosing circular spokes the seam will not be, but the length of the scarf will not change. Hook can be connected as a seamless, and direct the canvas. Here, needlewomen have plenty of opportunities to create a light openwork or three-dimensional scarf with an intricate pattern.

With knitting needles: the subtleties of knitting a scarf

When choosing spokes and yarns it is worth considering that the volume of the product depends on the size of the spokes and the thickness of the threads. Special knowledge of needlewomen is not required. Lt looks great, connected by a garter stitch on straight needles. There are two options: all knitting loops can be facial or purl. The width of the scarf is determined immediately, and the length is adjustable by itself.

Always gorgeous looks like an elastic band or its imitation. Depending on the direction of the bands, such scarves can be knitted on both circular and straight needles.

On average, about 150 gg to 250 g of thick yarn is spent on Ld. Knitting needles is better to choose from 5 to 8 number.

Consider a seamless version, connected with an elastic band. On the circular knitting needles we collect 80-100 loops (depending on the thickness of the yarn and the desired length of the product).Mark the last loop with a contrasting thread or pin, so you can always determine where the beginning of the next row. Having gathered the necessary height (usually 50-55 cm) we close loops taking into account drawing, beginning with marked.

A few more simple patterns for beginners:

For those who only master the basics of knitting, you should prefer the thickest yarn and knitting needles No. 9. Work in this case will move faster, and the scarf will turn out to be voluminous.

You can choose for the scarf also openwork pattern or braids. The main thing is to correctly calculate the report of the pattern, which must enter completely. When sharing knitting is important to consider the presence of the edges on the sides.

An example of circular knitting, supplemented by the scheme:

The choice of pattern is a matter of taste. Options here can be any number.

Crochet-crochet: ideas worthy of implementation

At needlewomen who have mastered crochet, the possibilities are even greater. Elegant, elegant Lens can be not only dense or openwork, but even lace. It will take much less time to make a big knit.

Ordinary double crochets look spectacular in the product. For work, you need a thick yarn (you can in several additions) and a hook (№№ 7-10)

No less interesting Snood lush columns. You can make it not only monophonic, but also colored. Knitting pattern is extremely simple:
1 row - air loop, columns without nakida;
2 row - 3 air loops (lifting), a magnificent column, an air loop (in the period), at the end of a row a column with 2 nakida.

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