Search for ideas

Search for ideasYou have already found your idea

Searching for ideas is an urgent topic for all companies. The best way is to ask all employees to write their proposals and give them to the manager. Then, from all options, the best is chosen by discussion. This is a great way to get everyone involved, including the most shy workers.


Respect people, good advice for everyone, even if they conflict with each other or with you. After all, any employee has earned his place, so his knowledge and abilities should be respected. Even if you consider him stupid, never say it out loud.


However, little to keep silent, you still need to control your facial expressions and gestures.


Facial expressions. Even when your mouth is closed, a smirk and shifty eyes will show your disrespect for the interlocutor.


Gestures. Refrain from shaking your head, even if you are tired of listening.


Tricks You do not fool anyone with "inconspicuous" signs or a wink.


The longer the conflict lasts, the harder it is to settle it. The conflicting parties, transferring the situation from constructive to destructive, cease to respect each other, and it will not be possible to finish the job with peace.


Finally, you got promoted, you achieved the position you deserve. Congratulations! Life is beautiful, you have already prepared your first draft, but at the meeting, after you presented it, one of the employees said: “I have not heard such nonsense yet. Nothing will come of it, we have already tried something similar. "


It doesn't matter who the person is, but he dealt a serious blow to you. Useful tips naturally, you are upset, but do not rush to the sharp words and rash actions. You can shut yourself up in your room and break into a frustrated project, but know that there are more efficient methods for resolving conflicts. Better in the evening to complain to the spouse, friends or a dog. However, in any case, sooner or later you will have to talk with the abuser.

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