Secrets of cooking almond paste

The benefits and nutritional value of nuts are known even to people far from dietetics. The most common variant of their culinary use is nut paste, invented in the United States as a means capable of effectively and quickly recuperating after operations, long-term illness, and heavy physical activity. However, very quickly this delicacy was loved not only by the original target audience, but also spread throughout the world. One of the most exquisite tastes is almond paste, which can be easily prepared at home.

Why almonds?

The beneficial properties of these nut kernels, even mentioned in the Bible, cannot be overestimated. They contribute to:

  • cleanse the blood, reduce cholesterol, strengthen blood vessels and the withdrawal of bile;
  • improve vision, skin and hair condition;
  • normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, treatment of diarrhea, elimination of toxins, slags and weight stabilization;
  • recovery of the urogenital system, the withdrawal of sand from the kidneys and increased potency;
  • normalization of metabolism, improvement of brain activity, calming effect on the nervous system;
  • strengthen the heart muscle;
  • rapid recovery of the body after stress, stress and illness.

Due to this, almond paste is an excellent means of preventing obesity, vascular and heart diseases, beriberi, atherosclerosis and the formation of salts. Unlike peanuts, almonds are a less allergenic product, and therefore are available for use by a wider range of people. In addition, its unusual and non-bitter taste is unlikely to leave anyone indifferent.

Some useful secrets

Before you prepare the nut paste, you should consider a few small tricks that will greatly facilitate the process and guarantee a delicious result:

  1. Buy only fresh nuts, as fried in the final product can be bitter.
  2. Peel cores before chopping. To make it easy, it is recommended to immerse the almonds in boiling water for one minute, quickly remove and pour cold water on it. After such manipulations, the skin from the nuclei will be removed without effort.
  3. Within five minutes, dry the almonds in an oven preheated to 160 ° C, ensuring that it does not start to roast.
  4. When grinding in a blender, add icing sugar, which will facilitate and speed up the process. Consider that almonds, compared to other nuts, require a maximum time to obtain a homogeneous consistency. Therefore, it is important to be patient and carefully grind the product, turning off the combine for a breather every 20-30 seconds and removing the crumb from the walls of the bowl.
  5. Even if you are cooking sweet almond paste, be sure to add a pinch of salt to enhance the flavor.
  6. The remaining components should be at room temperature.
  7. For a brighter taste, you can add various ingredients to your classic taste: cardamom, honey, cinnamon, coconut, sesame, maple syrup, poppy seeds, citrus zest, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, cocoa, etc. The last component, in addition to chocolate flavor, will give the finished product a beautiful color characteristic of purchased pastes.
  8. If butter or vegetable oil is present in the recipe, it is good to use such homemade pasta as spreading on bread or filling and baking cream. Almond paste, cooked without butter and thinly rolled, resembles marzipan and is perfect for decorating desserts.
  9. The finished product can be used immediately or stored no more than a month in the refrigerator, after placing it in a sealed jar or cling film.

Simple recipes

Classic Almond Butter Paste

We will need:

  • 200 grams of peeled and dried almond kernels;
  • a pinch of salt;
  • 120 grams of powdered sugar;
  • egg white of a large egg;
  • two tablespoons of butter.

Blend half the icing sugar and nuts in a blender until a homogeneous powder mass is obtained. Pour the rest of powdered sugar and mix thoroughly again. In a separate container, lightly beat the egg white with salt and softened butter with a fork, then mix the mixture with the nut mass. Beat again in a combine to form a thick, oily consistency. If desired, tint the paste with a tablespoon of cocoa. Place the finished product in the cold for a couple of hours.

Almond Marzipan

Mix 400 grams of almond kernels with hundred grams of powdered sugar, carefully grinding the mass in a blender. Put the mixture into a deep container, adding one egg white, pre-whipped into a strong foam with a pinch of salt.

Mix until uniform.To give marzipan color, you can add saffron, cherry syrup, cocoa, mint, beets, etc. Thinly roll the resulting mass between two layers of parchment using a rolling pin.

Salted pasta

200 grams of almonds for half an hour, beat in a blender with a teaspoon of salt until an oil homogeneous structure is obtained.

As you can see, cooking almond paste at home is not notable for a large number of ingredients and a complicated recipe. But the result will please not only its extraordinary taste, but will bring great benefits. The main thing to remember is that almonds, like all nuts, are high-calorie foods, so pasta should be an exquisite addition to the meal, and not the main product on the table.

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