Secrets of cooking traditional pie

In Russia, not a single celebration was complete without baking, flour products here were always held in high esteem, and therefore were in abundance on the festive tables, which there was nothing to be found! However, today, unfortunately, many traditional Russian dishes are unjustifiably forgotten or are prepared by our hostesses so rarely that they are becoming a wonder.

Today we will talk about the kulebyak - one of the best flour dishes of the Russian cuisine, which, by the way, has always been considered special, it was very much loved to cook and eat, both simple peasants and high-ranking individuals.

Kulebyaka is a purely Russian dish that has existed since such immemorial times that today no one will say exactly when and by whom it was invented. It is a closed cake that looks like a loaf in shape, which is filled with a large amount of filling, which, in turn, should occupy more than half of the entire space.

In fact, in a properly cooked pie dough - this is only an addition to the main component - the filling of the dish, a kind of, capacity for serving.

A distinctive feature of this type of baking is the complexity of the filling, which, more often than not, consists of at least several types of minced meat laid out in layers, rather than being mixed with each other. If these layers are too juicy, then they are also according to all the rules, you need to separate thin fresh pancakes prepared in advance.

There is no single opinion and an answer to the question of how to cook a kulebyaka, because this dish is so deeply rooted in history that in every family there are necessarily preserved its own secrets of its preparation. But still, some of the features and common features that are unique to a real Kulebyaka, of course, exist. What are they? The first is the dough.

It can not be rich, as on pies or buns, most often, prepare a yeast or puff pastry. The exception is sweet variations of the dish, but they are prepared quite rarely.

The type of dough will also determine the thickness of the cake on which the filling will be laid. To separate the filling, in addition to the test for the formation of kulebyaki, you need to bake thin fresh pancakes, which will not allow the tastes to mix.

As for the filling of the dish, it can be very different, ranging from traditional stewed cabbage, eggs, onions, meat with rice, fish, ending with mushrooms, buckwheat porridge (especially important in the Post), and other wildest variations.

The stuffing for the filling is pre-subjected to heat treatment (it should be almost or completely ready), and by its consistency it should resemble small gruel. This approach is necessary to ensure that the various ingredients of the filling become close in density and consistency, which gives the dish a special “melting in the mouth” effect.

Each layer is laid one on another, between them laid pancake, and already the last layer of meat is covered with dough. Of course, rarely, when all these rules are strictly followed, with experience, each hostess works out her ideal recipe. Well, as long as you don’t have one, we’ll tell you one of the popular options.

Meat pie pie recipe

For the dough we need: 500 g of flour, a couple of eggs, fresh yeast (20 g), a couple of tablespoons of butter, a glass of milk, salt and sugar.

For the preparation of the filling: meat (to taste, we take 500 g of beef), a couple of eggs, onions (2-3 pieces), greens, vegetable oil and spices to taste.

So, let's begin the process of cooking meat pie.To do this, fresh yeast must be dissolved in warm milk. In a separate container, add the prepared yeast to the flour, beat two eggs, mix, then add butter, salt and sugar, then knead the dough thoroughly and send it to a warm place. Leave it, covered with a towel, for 2 hours (during this time it is necessary to knead it 2 times, then knead slightly again.

While the dough acquires the desired degree of maturity, you need to do the filling. The meat must be brought to readiness, for this we fill it with water, bring to a boil, add salt and cook the necessary amount of time, depending on the type of meat, for beef it takes 1.5 hours. Next, let it cool and chop into small pieces (or skip through a meat grinder).

Eggs also need to boil, then cool, peel and cut into small cubes. Peel the onions, chop them finely enough and fry in vegetable oil until golden. Chop greens. We shift all the ingredients of the filling in a common bowl, add a little more salt and pepper to it. To make the filling juicy, you can add a little broth from the meat into it, and then mix everything thoroughly.

We take out the ready-made dough, crush and divide into two equal parts. Roll out one of them in the form of an oval cake (layer thickness is about 1 cm, width is about 12 cm, length is the size of the baking tray). Next, lay out the stuffing, slightly slide, knead it to the dough. From the second piece of dough, cut off a small piece (it will be needed later for decoration).

The rest of the roll again into the oval layer (thickness of about 7 mm). Cover it with stuffing, the edges are carefully tampered, trying to slightly tuck the bottom layer of the kulebyaki. From a small pruning we make a decoration, for example, a pigtail or a spikelet, and decorate the surface of the pie with it.

Turn on the oven, at this time, beat one yolk with a fork and lubricate with it the upper part of the product. Bake at a temperature of 220 ° for about 40 minutes (but the baking time may vary depending on the size of the cake). That's all!

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