Secrets of ironing things without iron

Crumpled things look extremely sloppy. But what if the iron is not at hand? There are lots of ways to do without it and eliminate all the folds on clothes.

What if there is no iron?

So, how to iron clothes without an iron? We offer several interesting ways:

  1. Cope with any folds will help you. The most convenient and fastest way is to use a steamer or an iron with a steaming function. Hang the product on the hanger and treat it well with steam. Under its influence, the material softens considerably and under its own weight it will be smoothed out. After the procedure, leave the item on a hanger so that it dries. In this way, you can stroke a dress, blouse or pants. Since there is no direct contact, the material will definitely not deteriorate.
  2. If there is no steamer, then this is not a problem, because you can easily get it. How? Just type in the hot water bath and directly above it hang a hanger with a product that needs to be smoothed on the rope. Close the door tight and leave the thing for an hour or two.Then let it dry (also on the shoulders) and wear it.
  3. If you need to act quickly, then the most common water will help, and preferably warm. Dial it into any container with a spray gun and sprinkle the thing, and then immediately put it on and walk around to dry it completely. But do not sit down and do not lie down, otherwise new folds will form. If the folds are rare, then it is not necessary to wet the whole product. You can simply treat the most wrinkled parts with a damp cloth and gently straighten them with your hand.
  4. If you need to straighten, for example, a T-shirt, then use your mattress. Just put the thing under it and leave it for a few hours, or even better at night (in this case, your own will also be added to the weight of the mattress, and this will speed up the process). Under such a yoke, the fabric will precisely smooth out, but to remove all the folds, straighten the product well, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation.
  5. Use a mug or kettle. When there were no irons, it was such kitchen utensils used for ironing. If the thing is small, then take a mug, and if it's big, then it's more convenient to use a kettle. Fill one of these items with hot water and lead them through the material, paying special attention to the crudest areas. Be sure to use a tack and be careful not to get burned.And it is better to put on the product folded in several layers of gauze or a piece of cotton fabric, this will prevent the formation of dark spots.
  6. If there is no iron, then take care of the attractive appearance of the thing even at the stages of washing and drying. Firstly, if you are washing in a washing machine, then select the mode “without folds”, if it is, of course. Secondly, do not squeeze the product too actively, this procedure will lead to the emergence of numerous folds, and you do not need this at all. And, thirdly, dry the thing correctly. Do not hang it on a rope, but place it on a hanger and be sure to straighten it well. Under its own weight, the material will be smoothed and definitely will not remain crumpled.
  7. If you need to stroke a thing quickly, then use a lamp, but not with an energy-saving lamp, but with an ordinary incandescent lamp. Just move the material along it while stretching it. But to remove all the folds, after turning on the device wait until it heats up. And in order to achieve the maximum effect, iron the product in this way from two sides: from the back and from the front. In order to avoid dark spots, it is better to iron the product through gauze or thin fabric.
  8. Try using the following mixture. You will need half a glass of water, half a glass of fabric softener and the same amount of vinegar (9%). Mix everything and spray it on the crumpled areas or on the whole product. Then straighten it with your hands and wait until it dries.
  9. Sweaters and pullovers can be ironed with a towel. Wet it, then put the product on it and flatten it well. From above you can put another wet towel, it will speed up the process (otherwise you will have to turn the sweater over). When the thing is completely smoothed, straighten it and hang to dry on the hanger.


How to avoid creases on things?

  • Buy products from synthetic or mixed fabrics. They crumple much less, and in some folds are not formed at all. But remember that some synthetic materials almost do not pass air and do not evaporate moisture.
  • If you go on a trip, then take care of the correct packing of things in a suitcase or bag. Do not fold them, but straighten and roll them well. In this form, they will not hesitate.
  • After washing, straighten all the products and leave them to dry on the hangers, not on the ropes (they also form folds).
  • Choose the right washing mode in the typewriter.
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