Secrets of the choice of high-quality kitchen

Each furniture store in your city presents such a wide range in the choice of kitchens that even an experienced designer will easily get lost in it. We hasten to notice that the furniture, which will serve not one year, but more often decades, can not cost inexpensively. Therefore, first of all, we recommend paying attention to quality.

Before you start making repairs to the kitchen, you should first choose the kitchen set. Thus, you will exclude such questions in the future as “What will be the general style of the kitchen?”, “Where will the household appliances be located?”. And accordingly you will be able to correctly and accurately conduct wiring, remove plumbing, etc.

Particular attention should be paid to the material from which the facade of the headset is made, since it is he who most interacts with the external environment. The most advantageous for the facade material is MDF, it is much stronger than wood and not so susceptible to moisture.

When choosing a tabletop, take into account the fact that its thickness must be at least 38 mm. This is due to the installation of the hob. You do not want her to stand out from the tabletop or, on the contrary, buried in it?

The material from which the mechanisms of sliding cabinets are made is also very important. The most durable boxes with metal side walls, thanks to them, they are able to withstand an incredible load.

The first thing going to the furniture company for a successful purchase, you must make measurements and draw a plan. Please note that measurements should be taken not only at the level of the floor, but also according to the height of the table top and hanging shelves. This activity should be approached with all seriousness. This is exactly the case where the proverb is best suited: “Measure seven times, cut once”.

When choosing lighting, pay attention to the fact that it should be bright in the dark or when there is insufficient external lighting during the day, but in no case glare.
Successful to you interior solutions and the most beautiful and durable kitchens.

The material used images from the site of the company Mr.Doors.

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