Bathroom Stool - why and how to choose?

Organizing bathroom space rationally and correctly is not easy, especially if the room is small. But for storage you can use the bookcase, which can be not only convenient, but also stylish. Learn how to choose such a useful piece of furniture and how to use it.

What is it and why?

The bookcase is a compact piece of furniture, the design of which includes open shelves placed on a frame, usually consisting of two or four supports. It is intended to organize a small storage area and is usually used to accommodate various cleaning or hygiene products and other things that may be required when bathing or carrying out other daily procedures. The bookcase may well be an excellent replacement for the locker, sideboard or classic wall shelves.

Design features

There are different types of designs for the bathroom:

  1. The classic floor shelf has legs or a stable bottom and is placed directly on the floor. This is convenient because the piece of furniture can be freely moved. The only negative is the likelihood of tilting and falling when grazing (for example, if the shelf is in an inappropriate place and the residents of an apartment or house constantly walk past it)
  2. The wall shelf is fixed on the wall and is very similar to the classic shelves, but has a frame and a single design. If the free floor space is small and most of it is occupied, this option would be appropriate.
  3. Built-in shelf - the most compact version, which, in general, does not take place and does not use the free space. Such a model can be located under the bathroom or sink, above the toilet. And you can build it directly into the wall, but it will require considerable effort.
  4. Transformers can be reincarnated from shelves on a frame into other structures, for example, in a table.


Forms, too, are different:

  1. The corner shelf is compact and does not take much space: it can be put in a corner, and in that case it will not interfere and stand out, which is very convenient.In addition, the likelihood of a fall is reduced, since the two sides are located next to the walls acting as restraints.
  2. Rectangular or square bookcase - the standard and most popular option. It can be placed anywhere, including close to the wall to save space (most people usually do this).
  3. On sale can be found and round shelves: they are not so popular, although they look very original. But such a model is not entirely convenient, since it is unlikely to fit as many objects as on the same rectangular bookcase. In addition, things can fall during careless movements, because nothing will hold them back (even a wall).

Variety of materials

If you do not know how to choose such a useful item as a shelf for the bathroom, then pay attention to the materials used for manufacturing. There are several options:

  • Plastic is the most popular and popular option. Plastic shelves are inexpensive, have a small weight, serve for a long time and are not exposed to moisture and household chemicals (if it does not contain very aggressive substances).But the material is quite fragile, so the piece of furniture can break. Also, the shelf will not support the weight of heavy objects.
  • Metal shelves are no less popular, and for good reason: they are durable, durable, attractive and stylish, resistant to any mechanical influences and can withstand considerable weight. But metal, especially low-grade, can be exposed to moisture, which leads to corrosion. The best option is stainless steel.
  • Wood is an environmentally friendly material, noble and aesthetically looking. But there is a big disadvantage: a wooden shelf can deform and deteriorate due to the impact of water, which it is almost impossible to avoid in the bathroom. But if the tree is impregnated or covered with a water-repellent composition, then the object will last a long time and retain the original characteristics.
  • Glass is a modern, attractive and hygienic material that is not penetrated by moisture, pathogens and pollution. But if the shelves are made of thick glass (namely, this will be reliable and durable), then the shelf will be quite heavy.In addition, in the event of an accidental tipping over, the object may break.
  • MDF, chipboard. Materials are not as expensive as wood, more resistant to external influences and easy to maintain. But still with temperature drops and prolonged exposure to moisture, the shelf can deform and lose its original attractiveness.
  • Combined shelves can be made from different materials that can be combined with each other, for example, metal and glass, wood and plastic, metal and wood.

What else to consider?

When choosing a bookcase, it is worth considering some important points. The first is the placement in the interior. If you plan to put a piece of furniture on the floor, then choose the classic simple floor model, otherwise pay attention to the recessed or wall. To place in the corner is suitable corner shelf. And if you choose an object that needs to be fixed, then pay attention to the fasteners: they must be reliable, comfortable and not very complicated if you are going to make installation yourself.

The second point is the interior style. If the bathroom is designed in a classic style, strict wooden or laconic metal shelves will do.In the modern high-tech direction, the models from glass, chrome-plated metals, glossy or, on the contrary, matte plastic of silvery, white or gray hue will ideally fit. In the bathroom, designed in the English style, will look harmoniously elegant wrought iron bookcase. Japanese style is frosted glass, wood, conciseness and simplicity of form.

The third point is additional details and features, and some of them can be very useful. So, the wheels will make a piece of furniture mobile and allow you to easily move it in space. Boxes or baskets in the kit will help organize a closed storage area and hide everything that should not be visible.

Finally, the fourth important point - the area of ​​the bathroom. The smaller the room, the more compact it should be. But in the spacious room is quite fit overall piece of furniture.

If you have nowhere to store things in the bathroom, get a convenient bookcase. And now you can definitely make a choice.

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