Short dresses on graduation for real women of fashion

Graduation party is a special long-awaited holiday for any girl. That very evening the schoolgirl turns into a princess and says goodbye to her childhood. It is very important to choose a beautiful and elegant dress, in which the young lady will catch the admiring glances of her classmates, and at the same time feel comfortable and calm. On the one hand, I want to be bright, but on the other - to look fashionable and stylish. In the article we will tell you which short dresses will be relevant in the 2015 season and show examples in the pictures.

Prom Dresses for Graduates of Grades 9 and 11

Dress models for graduates of grade 9 must take into account the peculiarities of age. Often, girls want to appear older and overdo it with makeup and outfit. Dress should not be too frank and short. It is very important to emphasize exactly tenderness, youth and romance. Therefore, designers advise to make a discreet make-up,pick up shoes on a steady and low heels (otherwise the young lady risks to spoil herself the whole evening because of too uncomfortable heels) and stop the choice on a closed dress with a skirt just above the knee. No deep cuts, bare shoulders and back! This is appropriate only for graduates of 11th grade. And so, you can pick up a retro outfit of the 60s, models with a fluffy skirt, and in colors to focus on bright colors: pink, blue, white.

Graduates of grade 11 have more developed body shapes, so if you really want to, you can choose sheath dresses and tight-fitting models. If you want to drive the boys mad, draw one shoulder or back. But by no means all at once!

Short and fashionable graduation dresses 2015: photo

When else to wear skirts above the knee, if not at a young age? In a short dress it is comfortable to dance, without fear that the long skirt will get tangled on the heel. But the shoes should be especially elegant, because all classmates will pay attention to the open legs. Pay attention to black shoes on the platform and gold shoes on the stud.

And so, what do designers represent in 2015? In a fashion image of fairy characters.Therefore, on the catwalks are models in retro style, lush skirts, corsets, outfits with a train.

Look at the photo.

Here are the models that will be especially popular in 2015. The girl on the left demonstrates an open white dress above the knee. This outfit will fit slim and high graduates. For convenience and comfort it is better to choose a dress in which the model is dressed in the middle. Do not think that gray is dull and monotonous. Roses at the edges give femininity, and any necklace will complement the image of a romantic young lady. And finally, the girl on the right is a blue dress with a black belt. Note that the belt perfectly emphasizes the waist. Blue color is suitable for blue-eyed and dreamy schoolgirls.

Coco Chanel often said that a black short dress should hang in the wardrobe of any girl. At the prom is better to choose a black dress with a pattern or any ornament. An example can be seen in the photo. The girl also shows a fluffy skirt, especially relevant in the upcoming season.

At the prom, emphasize youth, femininity, romance. The age for this is the most suitable, so stop the choice on warm colors: pink, white, blue. See how beautiful young people in the photo!

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