Should I often confess my love for my spouse

Why don't you talk too often to your husband about love?

Some people believe that if you have entered into legal marriage with your other half, you should not talk to her about your love too often. This is due to the fact that any words, even the most gentle and affectionate, may eventually get bored. Countless love vows are addictive, so over time they cease to impress a person. You'll just say the phrase like calmness as good morning. In response, you will receive words of reciprocity, but they will be said as a habit, the man will not invest in them special trepidation and significance.
In addition, the representative of the stronger sex, one hundred percent sure of your sincere feeling, can feel the power over you and begin to enjoy their privileged position. He becomes confident that from now on you will not get anywhere from him and will be able to forgive him any,even the most terrible deed. Previously, there was a goal before him - to achieve your favor and your love by any means. As soon as you surrender, his interest may begin to fade away, and since the guys are hunters by nature, they can find another victim for themselves, games with which will be more exciting and entertaining, and marriage ties with you are unlikely to stop them.
Another reason why it is worth a little less to remind your beloved about your feelings lies in the fact that true love can be seen without words. You can not talk about her, but prove it with your own words, actions and care.

Why is it worth telling your spouse about love?

Other people argue that recognition of love to your soulmate is still necessary. The fact is that the family is built on mutual understanding and trust. Your husband must be absolutely sure that despite any difficulties, you will always be with him and will support him in any endeavors.
Some families lose their warmth and tenderness, their marital happiness is gradually erased by everyday problems, lack of agreement, scandals and quarrels. It moves away from each other.Whatever happens between you, always remind your husband that you love him as he is. Your confessions will make a man stronger. He will be more steadfast in accepting all difficulties and fighting obstacles if he believes that there is a loving and loyal woman next to him.

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