Signs about hair and nails that are better to follow

Have you ever wondered why, since ancient times, it is customary for women to braid their hair and cover their heads when going to church? Why one year can not cut children? Or why people used to burn their hair cut?

From the depth of time, hair was given great importance and endowed with magical power. It was believed that hair has a peculiar energy and perform the role of a connecting element between man and the other world. They store energy, strength, health, fate and success of a person, so any changes in hairstyles affect the future life of their owners.

There is a lot to take about hair and nails. We have collected the most popular for you, but whether you believe in them or not, you decide, because there is not a single scientific confirmation that this is all true.


1.In the evening, before you go to bed, always brush your hair well - this procedure frees your head from the information accumulated during the day and puts it on the shelves.So if you are confused in your thoughts or ideas, it is enough just to take a comb in your hand, and everything will immediately clear up in your head.

2.Before the important thing, where you need to be focused, collect the hair in a tight tail at the back of the head. By the way, it’s not by chance that the office style implies a strict hairstyle. If you do not have too long curls, then at least at home before going out, collect them in a bundle if possible; This will help to overcome difficulties during the day.

10 will take about hair and nails that are better to follow
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3.To get rid of the unnecessary past, to stop suffering from unrequited love, indisposition will help ... a trip to the hairdresser. In order to achieve a better result, in the process of cutting, imagine how the negative energy goes away with the cropped tips of your hair.

4.Carefully choose a hairstyle master. It is believed that one who cuts, has an impact on your biofield. Ideally, he should be a stranger to you, not interested in you and not having any intention against your personality. Choose positive, not whiners.

Also, his aura should be warm towards you: you will feel the energy and attitude of the hairdresser immediately when communicating with him, if you listen to yourself well. Did not like? Do not come next time.

10 will take about hair and nails that are better to follow
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5.It is strictly forbidden to cut yourself. This is dangerous because it attracts money problems, worsens a person’s psychological and physical condition, scares good luck away from him, condemns him to loneliness and shortens his life.

6.Students are not recommended to cut and even wash their hair before exams, so as not to lose the accumulated and learned information.

7.Pregnant women try not to get a haircut, as it is believed that the hair stores the data that must be passed on to the future baby.

8.With the help of hair, you can remove and apply even curse. Therefore, to cut hair or even just lost hair should be treated with particular trepidation. In ancient times, just throwing out the hairs was a strict taboo so that no one would use them with malicious intent. It is justified to fold the hair in a separate bag and hide (under a large stone or tree), but it is better to burn it.

10 will take about hair and nails that are better to follow
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Hair is in second place in terms of strength and effectiveness of magical effects after human blood.


In many countries of the world there are unspoken rules that relate to nails, because nails can grow not only throughout our life, but even after it,which is evidence of their independent being. What should not be done according to mystical observations?

1.It is impossible to cut the nails of a small child under one year, since this procedure is considered to be a ritual of initiation of thieves.

2.So that the baby does not scare everyone with its long nails, young mothers are recommended to bite them and collect them in a separate box.

3.However, in a conscious age, for women to have long, well-groomed nails means to be secured and self-sufficient. And this concept came to us a very long time. After all, before only the nobles, not overshadowed by economic affairs, could afford to have long nails and not worry about the fact that they somehow interfere with their work in the yard.

Nails are an indicator of not so much wealth as health

4.Doctors during heavy operations determine the well-being of a person by the color of his nails. You can not varnish the nails on the hands and feet, if you have to surgery or childbirth.

5.And by the size of the crescent on the holes of your nails, you can predict your destiny without the help of a fortune teller: the wider they are, the longer life you will live; the clearer they are, the brighter and richer it will be.

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6.On the nails can be seen and hidden pathologies. Many believe that the appearance of yellow spots marks a quick death. However, do not panic, noticing you have such marks. They may also be evidence of some medical complication that can be cured with the help of doctors.

7.The appearance of white spots on the nails indicates that a pleasant event should be expected. It is impossible to get rid of them, because luck will go along with them.

8.But the black specks, on the contrary, unfortunately, so the nails with such marks as soon as possible need to be cut in order to prevent themselves from trouble.

9.Remember, in no case should your nails be thrown into the trash, they should be gently flushed down the toilet. This procedure is performed so that the particles of the human body do not fall into bad hands in order to warn themselves against the unclean forces of another person.

As soon as scientists do not try to explain all these intentions from a logical point of view, it all comes down to the fact that girls and boys should take care of themselves. And beliefs are just a way to scare and motivate people.

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