Simple Butterfly made of nylon

Materials and tools:

  1. 2mm thick wire;
  2. thin wire 1 mm (better thinner)
  3. kapron;
  4. nylon thread;
  5. colored beads;
  6. scissors;
  7. Cutters.

Step 1

Take the wire and wrap it around the can (or something round) so that all the wings are the same size. We twist and cut the ends. For one butterfly we make 2 such rings.

We tighten the ring with nylon and tie it at the base with nylon threads. Excess nylon and thread cut off.

We do the same with the second wing.

Slightly bend the rings, giving them the shape of the wings. Fold the two wings together and fasten the bases with a thin wire.

Step 2

We string four beads on a wire, wrap it around the wings to form a butterfly body. From the ends of the wire we make the antennae.

Allsimple nylon butterflyis ready.

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