Small polymer clay hearts

Small hearts of polymer clay- a master class, we make small hearts from polymer clay that can be used as earrings, decorate a bracelet or use as a pendant and many more.


Materials and tools:

  1. polymer clay;
  2. heart shape
  3. pins;
  4. super glue;
  5. brush;
  6. gloss varnish for polymer clay.

Step 1

Take the polymer clay, roll the balls out of it and roll it into "pancakes". Then from the "pancakes" with the help of a shape we'll make hearts. Take pins and insert them into the heart, if the hearts have dents (or flaws), carefully correct them.

After all the flaws have been removed, bake the hearts according to the instructions on the package.

Paint all the hearts with a gloss varnish for polymer clay.

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