Smartphones ruin your life: 10 proofs

You buy a gadget, turn it on - and you are already at the mercy of the magnates writing games, messengers, news feeds, games - in general, everything that takes you to the black hole of virtual reality. Do not believe? Entrepreneur, lifestyle and business expert Alina Reiselman provides strong evidence.

Mail, mail, mail ...

How many times a day do you check your email on your smartphone? 5, 10, 20? You have such a job or you are waiting for an important letter - fine, but why check the mail, walking with a child, sitting in a restaurant with a loved one, riding roller skates with friends, watching a movie ... Why? Checking the incoming, you look into the news, and then in the messengers, social networks, endangering the child left without visual control, signaling to a loving person that it’s boring, depriving yourself of the joy of hanging out with friends, skipping the best moments of the film.

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Likes, more likes

I have never understood people who, for the sake of likes, strip naked, climb onto rooftops, swallow a cockroach, or take a selfie every minute.Is the opinion of strangers and robots more important to you than the opinions of your loved ones? You spend precious hours of your life in social networks, losing the opportunity to admire the views from the window, spend time with family and friends, create something with your own hands.

Catch anyway

You started playing at home, continued on the go on the street, in a cafe, at school or at work. According to statistics, almost 40% of Britons are injured using gadgets on the street: fractures, hitting cars, collisions with passersby, lampposts, buildings, falling into fountains and rivers ... Similar statistics - in the USA. Think about whether you get the desired job, a marriage proposal, cherished victory in the competition, if along the way, playing, please under the car?

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Smilies, hearts

Correspondence in social networks and instant messengers threatens your real relationships. Probably everyone at least once received messages from a stranger from a love context with hearts, flowers, kisses. Nice to see this on your husband's smartphone? And he does not like it. If you find a "compromising" in the best case, you will find unpleasant explanations, at worst - a complete break.In the US, over 37% of couples fall apart due to smartphones. We don’t have statistics on a relationship ruined by a smartphone, but the reason for every second divorce is the lack of attention and interest in the family.

No privacy

Permanent internet access guarantees you 24-hour supervision of your boss. Now he will reach you everywhere: at home, in Cyprus, and even at the Cape of Good Hope you will have no hope for peace. This creates a constant tension, stress, causes depression.

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Do not write to me, do not write ...

The reason for almost half of all accidents in Russia is smartphones. Even the use of a wireless headset with a voice interface reduces the driver’s concentration while driving. And reading and typing messages almost 100% guarantee an accident.

Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis, myopia

Fans of smartphones should be aware that constant manipulation of the gadget leads to diseases of the joints, poor posture, poor blood supply to the brain, headaches, fatigue, reduced vision.

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From a reasonable person to a person with a gadget

Scientists have proved: the more a person uses the gadget, the more it degrades. His ability to think objectively, to contemplate and create decreases.He cannot focus attention on one thing, gradually turning into a “button” without personal life, merits, without personality at all, into aggressive zombies with primitive reflexes.

Family is not a strong rear

The uncontrolled use of smartphones leads to the fact that people no longer take interest in each other’s affairs, get together for meals, picnics, just sit with the whole family in front of the TV, discussing the events of the day before. Everyone is left alone with their smartphone and their problems.

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