Loaves of bread in 15 minutes

Baked bread crackers in 15 minutes

There is no excuse that store-dough should not be tastier. This is because at home they are tastier and healthier. You can change the taste and degree of salinity, depending on your own preferences. Even a drying loaf can be
How to quickly make a cheap and delicious fish snack from capelin
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How to quickly make a cheap and tasty capelin fish snack

According to this recipe, capelin is cooked in a matter of minutes, so you can easily abandon its consumption in salty and smoked form, regularly tasting delicious fish at home. Despite the very affordable price and small size,
Quick recipe for pickled champignons

Quick marinated champignon recipe

Marinated mushrooms is a versatile snack for strong drinks. In addition, the delicacy matches perfectly with both pasta and boiled potatoes. There are many recipes for pickling mushrooms, but this recipe is good
Homemade lavash chips

Homemade pita chips

Chips - this is the most popular and beloved snack for all beer. Unfortunately, store-based chips are a very harmful product, they contain dietary supplements that are saturated with heavy carbohydrates, fats and cholesterol, so they often cause heartburn.
Sausages in pita in 5 minutes

Sausages in pita in 5 minutes

To get a delicious, aromatic and at the same time, nourishing snack of pita, you do not need to be a master in cooking.Simple enough to know a good cooking option. Such as this one! This dish is cooked in just 5 minutes. Moreover, no difficulty in
Fried Cheese

Fried Cheese

This is literally the best recipe in the whole world, I think! If you like cheese, you will love these amazing cheese sticks. Made from just two ingredients in 20 minutes. I wholeheartedly recommend that you prepare these chopsticks for this recipe,
How to fry tasty squid
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How to fry delicious squid

Squids are widespread cephalopods. They are close relatives of octopus and cuttlefish. Many types of squids are edible and are objects of industrial and amateur fishing. Squid meat contains a lot of
How to clean squid and cook them tasty for two minutes

How to clean squid and cook them tasty in two minutes

Squids are cephalopods living in almost all seas of the earth. At present, domestic stores can buy mostly mollusks from the Far Eastern seas. The most common and delicious is Pacific squid.

A la Caesar Salad

Caesar salad, without false modesty, can be called one of the most popular. The reference recipe can be tasted in a good restaurant, but not in all cafes it is ideal. For a classic recipe, lettuce "romen", toast, parmesan cheese and sauce with
Warm chicken stomachs salad

Warm chicken stomachs salad

If you like Korean dishes, then you will surely like this fragrant, appetizing salad with a slightly sharp taste. Ventricles can be boiled in advance, then you will spend no more than half an hour on preparing snacks.Stomach is cooked much
How to cook squid xe

How to cook squid xe

Cephalopods squid are among the most budget seafood. The relatively low price makes the purchase of these mollusks affordable for most consumers. Squid meat contains high-grade protein with a low fat content. His
Aspic from“ Medusa ”chicken” title = “Aspic from“ Hen

Recipe “Cyrillic Salad”

Today, I suggest you cook a very tasty and simple salad with crackers. I received the recipe for this salad from my mother several years ago, and now it is always on our festive table. There are several advantages to this salad: nourishing salad,
Crispy sauerkraut
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Crispy Sauerkraut

Cabbage is a valuable source of vitamins and microelements.Does not lose its usefulness, and with fermentation. The most tasty cabbage is obtained by adding a carrot to it when souring.
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Many of us prefer Japanese cuisine, among which the most original dish is probably sushi or rolls. Sushi can be prepared at home, it is not at all necessary to visit expensive sushi bars to satisfy your appetite.

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