Son of Eva Longoria is already a fan of the national team of Mexico

On her Instagram page, Eva boasted that Jose has someone to root for in Mexico, putting a photo of a happy father holding a newborn son in an emerald green T-shirt with the number 8 and the name Santi. "Look, who is ready for the game of the Mexican national team!" - 43-year-old mother signed the photo.

Publication by Eva Longoria Baston (@evalongoria)23 Jun 2018 at 8:29 PDT

From the comments to the picture could not resist even David Beckham himself. “My God, the best photo in the world,” commented the former captain of the English national team and the father of four children, which is not too hard to touch (remember how emotionally David responded to the surprise that the eldest son Brooklyn gave him in honor of his birthday). He was joined by Ricky Martin, who “shouted” “QUE BELLEZA!” From delight, which means “What a handsome man!”. Well, as a result, the Mexican team had no choice but to win the second match in a row.

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