St. Nicholas Day what date in 2016? Famous folk omens and traditions of Nikolina of the day on May 22

St. Nicholas Day in the Orthodox calendar is marked twice - in the winter, December 19, and in the spring, May 22. Both holidays are dedicated to the holy elder archbishop Myrkiy Lyciane Nicholas. Nikolin Day May 22 - the date of the transfer of the relics of the holy elder from the World of Lycian to Italy (Bari). Many national traditions and omens are associated with the spring holiday, the correctness of which you can check after May 22, 2016 - the dates of St. Nicholas Day.

St. Nicholas Day what date in 2016? Famous national signs and traditions of NikolinaMay 22

What is the number of St. Nicholas Day in 2016 celebrated by the Orthodox?

The date of the holiday does not change, remaining constant every year. In 2016, St. Nicholas Day is celebrated as usual, on May 22. The morning of the holiday begins with the ringing of the bells in all the temples. Believers attend services in honor of Nicholas the Wonderworker, the patron saint of children, the poor, sailors, travelers.In the houses on the eve of cleaning up, they light new wax candles from the image of an old man, they prepare a plentiful festive treat. On the day of the holiday, it is customary to invite children to the house, give gifts to the poor, and treat children to homemade cookies ("Nikolai").

St. Nicholas Day what date in 2016? Famous folk omens and traditions of Nikolina of the day on May 22

Famous folk signs for St. Nicholas Day

Signs of St. Nicholas Day are associated with weather phenomena and help to those in need. On the morning of May 22, look at the sky: the rain, dripping into this laziness, brings with it the summer heat and good year. Fun croaking frogs delight lovers of porridge "Hercules" - oats are generous. If after May 22 it will be 12 days and the weather is warm, summer will be good. In the case of bad weather after a dozen days, the heat should not wait until September. On this day, it is customary to ask Nikolai for help, and you will receive it, but only in the case of particularly urgent needs. Nikolai is gracious to all those who need his help and help people who support both their own and strangers in trouble. According to the signs of May 22, this day must be fully dedicated to other people, then the year will be generous and kind. A person who did not extend a helping hand to another on Spring Nikolai will fail for 7 years.The generosity shown on the day of Nicholas the Wonderworker will return to you by the grace of the old man and the fulfillment of your requests to him.

Nikolin Day May 22 - the traditions of the people

St. Nicholas Day what date in 2016? Famous folk omens and traditions of Nikolina of the day on May 22

Nikolin's day on May 22 or the feast of Nicholas the Wonderworker is called Warm, Herbal, Vesnim. It is supposed that summer heat comes after this day. On Nikolin the day will be born thick, juicy grass to feed livestock. On May 22, peasants plant potatoes and order prayers to the saint with requests to protect their cattle from predators. In the afternoon, in the villages, the entire male population feasted, burned bonfires, abundantly ate food and drink. Girls joined the evening dawn, and the fun continued with a vengeance.

Celebrating St. Nicholas Day, do not forget about the traditions and signs of the holiday. May 22, 2016 invite you to a festively laid table with a rich treat of friends and acquaintances, neighbors and relatives. Bake more tasty cookies and distribute to the neighbors' children. Go to church and order a prayer service to Nicholas, asking him to help you in some good deed. Do not forget to do good deeds like Nicholas, who performed them during his lifetime, and after it.

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