Stars after childbirth: 10 celebrities who did not immediately get in shape

They are famous, rich, loved by millions - but they are people too. And after pregnancy and the birth of children, not everyone is ready to demonstrate the perfect figure. However, many of this and do not hesitate. Woman’s Day found celebrities who did not hesitate to show the flaws of their bodies after giving birth.

Actually, it is difficult to call it flaws - so, temporary differences from what we used to see. And the reason for the appearance of these differences is more than respectful - the birth of a baby. The stars treat such problems differently - someone will post photos on Instagram without any embarrassment, which show the flaws of the figures, accompanying them with comments on how they are going to cope with this scourge. And someone - and most of them - are working hard on themselves, not leaving the house, then to appear in public in all its glory.


Apr 1 2017 at 10:58 PDT

After the birth of Jameson, the son of a singer, three months passed, and Pink still could not cope with being overweight. True, her this is absolutely, according to her, did not soar.The singer posted on Instagram a photo taken during a workout in the gym, which is really noticeable - Mom recovered.

“The two are gone, only 13 more are left to drive,” the singer commented on the photo. - Can you imagine, with 162 cm of growth in me already 72.5 kg? According to normal standards, I'm fat. I know that I am still far from the ideal form after the birth of my second child, but, damn it, I do not feel fat at all. But I feel that I am me! Girls, to hell with all these standards! ”

Ksenia Sobchak

Feb 10 2017 at 2:25 PST

Two months after the birth of the son of Plato on November 18 last year, the TV presenter complained that she still could not lose weight, and even began to learn Pilates.

“Ahead is a long path to its former form. But the road will be mastered by walking, belts pulling! I suffer, but I comprehend the basics of “dynamic Pilates,” Sobchak signed a video from a workout in social networks.

However, the socialite always said that she hates sports. Tolerate him only for the sake of the figure. And at the same time he loves himself what he is, regardless of the extra kilos, makeup or lack thereof. But to strive for excellence it does not interfere.

After childbirth: 10 stars that did not immediately come in shape
Photo: Andrey Kalmykov /

However, judging by the video, Ksenia was somewhat cunning - her only problem area that we saw was her stomach, not as flat as before pregnancy.But here it’s not at all overweight, but in time - it takes at least six months for the muscles and skin to recover.

Hilary Baldwin

After childbirth: 10 stars that did not immediately come in shape
Photo: @hilariabaldwin

Actor Alec Baldwin can be proud of the courage of his wife, who published a selfie in his underwear just a day after he presented her husband with a son.

“I took this shot when Leonardo was only 24 hours old. I took a similar picture when I gave birth to Raphael. Of course, I always worry about doing something like that. But I think this is the best motivation to get a good shape back, ”Hilary signed the Instagram picture.

Hilary also encouraged subscribers to lose weight with her and share the results.

“Many of you know how much I love sharing my body experiments. And more than anyone, I believe that a proper diet and exercise can make us happier, healthier, and stronger, ”continued the mother of three children. - From today I begin a series of posts in which I will show how I will return the athletic physique. And I invite you to do this with me. "

Kily Shay Smith

After childbirth: 10 stars that did not immediately come in shape
Photo: Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan's wife, apparently, is a very harmonious woman who lives in harmony with herself.Judge for yourself - after the birth of the sons of Dylan Thomas and Paris Beckett, Keely gained more than 40 kilograms and could not regain its former form. Or did not want to. But at the same time, despite the jokes of British journalists, this fact does not bother. And because she is not afraid that such a prominent man (James Bond himself, for a moment!) Will run from her to another. A prominent man and is not going anywhere to run away. “When our relationship was just beginning, I immediately realized that Keely would be able without me,” said Brosnan in an interview. - And it can still. Her independence bribes me. ”

Isa Anokhina

After childbirth: 10 stars that did not immediately come in shape
Photo: @aizalovesam

Guf's ex-wife, and now a popular blogger and business woman Isa Anokhin, who became a mother for the second time (on October 3, she gave birth to a son to her husband, Dmitry Anokhin), can be proud of her figure. In the photo, taken almost immediately after the birth, except for not quite perfect tummy, no other flaws imperceptibly.

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