Sturgeon in foil - royal dinner

Sturgeon is a large freshwater fish, in nature reaching a very impressive size. Because of this, cooking whole sturgeon is quite a big problem, but now in supermarkets it is possible to purchase live fish weighing 1.5–2 kg, which can even be baked by a novice cook at home.
How to bake sturgeon
How to bake sturgeon
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How to clean sturgeon

To scale, which is located along the ridge of sturgeon, well departed, pour over the carcass with boiling water. Then clean the fish with a special knife. From the head, remove the gills and eyes.

Make an incision in the abdomen and remove all the insides. Rinse the fish thoroughly with cold water first inside and then outside. Let the carcass dry. On the back to the ridge make cuts every 3-5 cm (depending on the size of the portions). Now the fish is ready for cooking.

How to bake sturgeon

Sturgeon is a delicacy, the meat is tasty in and of itself, but adding spices and marinating it is still worth it, it will give the fish a special piquancy and flavor.To bake the sturgeon whole, you will need: - Black pepper; - white pepper; - dried thyme; - dried parsley, dill; - lemon; - vegetable oil; - dry white wine; - greenery.

Rub the carcass with salt, white and black pepper, sprinkle with dried herbs (dill, parsley, thyme). Pour the meat inside and outside with lemon juice and dry white wine. Grease the skin with vegetable oil. Let the fish marinate a little; 15–20 minutes will be sufficient at room temperature.

Cover a deep baking sheet with foil in 2 layers. Put on her sturgeon belly down. Top with another sheet of foil and seal the edges.

Since the fish is big, it will not fit even on its length on a baking sheet, so put the sturgeon in a semicircle

Heat the oven to 200 ° C. Place a baking tray with sturgeon for 10 minutes. Then remove the fish, remove the top layer of foil. Reduce the temperature and put in the oven. This time the fish should bake until done. Turn the oven off and allow the sturgeon to sweat for another 510 minutes in the oven.

Now the most crucial moment you need to shift the sturgeon to the dish so that the fish do not fall apart.Place the dish next to the baking tray, bend it a little and carefully move the baked sturgeon together with the foil, which you then remove, lifting the fish with a spatula.

Decorate the dish with lemon, fresh herbs and vegetables. Cut lemon into thin slices. Insert them into the cuts on the back of the sturgeon.

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