Style Icon: Marilyn Monroe and her 8 beauty secrets

The icon of Marilyn Monroe style is considered to be one of the most spectacular and sexiest women of all time. However, even the most beautiful woman in the world resorts to some tricks to maintain her beauty. Few know that it was makeup artist Marilyn Allan "Whitey" Schneider who turned an ordinary girl into the sexiest woman of all time. Today we want to share with you 8 secrets of beauty of a famous makeup artist.

1. Vaseline as base

Smooth and glowing skin can not be dry, and what can moisturize the skin better than regular petroleum jelly. Marilyn used petroleum jelly not only as a base for makeup, but also as a highlighter to highlight the cheekbone zone.

2. Five shades of lipstick for the effect of chubby lips

In the center of the lips, Allan applied lipstick of light tones, and on the sides - darker. And for the design of the contour of the lips used a highlighter - Vaseline.

3. A drop of oil on the eyelids

The sexual effect of moist and radiant eyelids, Allan Snyder created using coconut oil or all the same beloved petroleum jelly.

4. Reception Greta Garbo

"The eyes of Greta Garbo" - so Marilyn herself called this reception.In order to create the effect of an open look, she put white shadows on her eyelids and blew up to her eyebrows.

5. Four eyeliners at once.

Along the growth of eyelashes, the famous makeup artist applied a brown and gray eyeliner, on the corners of his eyes a white one. In the inner corners of his eyes, he also put a small red dot to make the look brighter.

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