Summer on the nose

A beautiful properly chosen swimsuit will delight all summer, because for a woman it is so important to feel the most charming. But the swimsuit itself is just the thing. Beach accessories create a unique look. And, first of all, a hat. Elegant, it is good at any time of the year, and even more so without it you can not do on the beach: it will protect you from the sun, and serve as an ornament. At all times, the most popular model is the straw hat. It is light and light - the best option for heat. In addition, the texture of this or artificial straw is such that you can easily decorate a hat with flowers, ribbons and any other decorations.


An indispensable travel companion - a beach bag. It's not a winter clutch, it's practically a suitcase. Bright, light and at the same time very roomy - this is what a beach bag should be like, because a lot of various and necessary things should fit in it. Towel, shales, swimsuit, creams and a telephone, a bottle of water, a cosmetic bag and everything else: women are so unpredictable.Most often, the bag is chosen to match the swimsuit and pareo, but the combination of contrasting colors also looks great.


One of the most practical and at the same time fashion accessories is a pareo. A light translucent shawl of classic (large) size can be worn around the thighs or knotted at the back of the head, turning into a sarafan. A couple of years ago, small pareos that are firmly entrenched in beach fashion look elegantly on young girls as mini-skirts. Pareo can be cotton, silk, synthetic (most often from viscose). It is impossible to recommend a suitable material, you need to feel a pareo. This fabric will touch dry, damp and possibly burnt skin, so you can only touch the material that is suitable for you.

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