Svetlana Khodchenkova posted selfies without makeup

Svetlana Khodchenkova, one of the most beautiful actresses of our cinema, met the first days of the new year in Bali. There, far from the January cold, she rests not only from outer clothing, but also from makeup and makeup, which she imposes before shooting. Selfies on Svetlana's Instagram page, where she poses without a gram of makeup on her face, collected 50,000 likes over a couple of hours.

"This Russian beauty!"

"The best makeup - rest, sun, sea!"

"Do not know at all! What a beautiful woman, even with makeup, even without! ”

"Immediately" Bless the woman "remembered ..."

“What a pretty one! Looks like Antoshka from cartoon. Sun ”- subscribers write this to Svetlana. Under the picture there are already more than 250 comments with words of gratitude for the fact that the actress is not afraid to show herself real.

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